Thursday, February 04, 2021


"Congress ‘QAnon’ purge is about outlawing dissent and anyone hoping to restore the Republic should hate it" (Malic).  It is obvious that the Republicans have a serious problem.  Mitch and McConnell have to go.

RT has made itself into an essential read.  I never read post-pandemic offGuardian, and WSWS has more recently become completely deranged (and I'm not forgetting how TDS ruined CounterPunch).  I used to be able to read the good insights of WSWS while tuning out the commie stuff, but there is no longer any content left worth the read.

"YouTube Financially Deplatforms Swath Of Indie Media Accounts" (Johnstone).  Yet of all the platforms, it seems that video is the one that would be easiest to topple.

DeSantis has to be the worst state-level Assholian politician, yet he's the only guy who stands up:  "DeSantis proposes daily $100G fine, other penalties for Big Tech firms that deplatform political candidates" (De Lea).

Don't let if be said that there isn't good reading in the JYT, no matter how much lying is going on:  "The Downside to Life in a Supertall Tower: Leaks, Creaks, Breaks" (Chen).  If only for reputational reasons,  rich preying on rich never used to happen to this level.

Biden's ((('donors'))) have already nixed the Iran Deal:  "Biden’s Iran dilemma: Serve Obama’s third term or Trump’s second?" (Knapp).  (((Blinken))) clearly wants to go back to Yinonizing Syria, start a    war on Iran, and then lead into WWIII to regime change Putin out of Khazaria's land-thieving way.  It is too bad, but the Jewish cabinet has already decided what (((they))) want.  The optimist/realist in me is hoping Hezbollah gets a chance to use those delightful rockets, thus ending the massive problem to the world caused by the existence of Khazaria.

"Which Vaccine Is Optimal?" (Sailer).  Just as common sense, the 'old fashioned' vaccines are going to be a better long-term bet.  Who knows what happens after 5 to 10 years after taking the experimental stuff that has never been properly tested.  At the end, Sailer considers that, at the very least, the timing of vaccine success announcements meant that the Dems had to engage in less vote fraud for The Steal.  

"Alexandria Ocasio Smollett Trends On Twitter" ('Hunter Wallace').  Maps and memes!  The comments wonder if she is CIA.  "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez reveals Jewish ancestry at Hanukkah celebration" (Stanley-Becker) (rare unpaywalled WP article, so Bezos wants everybody to see it).

"The People vs Navalny: Russia Draws Red Lines to Foreign Meddling in Its Sovereign Affairs" (South Front).  The CIA plan is to get you to mess yourself up trying to deal with the color revolution while complying with western 'norms'.  The Russian/Chinese response is to keep the whole issue in house by treating traitors as traitors.

Cass, Rahm and Larry and the Do Not Reappoint List (sorry, I'm out of ((()))):  "Red Alert: The Return of Cass Sunstein" (Kuttner).


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