Thursday, February 04, 2021

Real in her mind

It was real in her mind:  "AOC faces backlash as critics point out she wasn't in Capitol building during riot" (Dorman) (also) (also).  You may be astounded to know that the guy pounding on her door was not Ted Cruz dressed like Rambo with a machine gun coming to slaughter her, but a cop.  Michael Tracey got lambasted all yesterday for critically tweeting about her shameless grandstanding, particularly as she added childhood sexual abuse to the PR mix, which made everything she said from then on unassailable ('believe her').  She is literally just a 50-year age regression of Pelosi.  Somebody has obviously told the Dems that, in the complete absence of Joe fulfilling any of his campaign promises, they were going to need a lot of distraction (see also the attacks on the Jewish-laser-beam woman - apologies in advance for a link from an idiot - from California, half of whose statements are completely bat shit insane, giving her a better reliability score than almost anybody else in the Assholian government).  #alexandriaocasiosmollet is the twitter hashtag, gummed up by Dems posting pictures of their pets.

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