Thursday, February 11, 2021


"‘Guardian’ columnist says he got canned as antisemitic for one tweet satirizing U.S. aid to Israel" (Weiss).

Sailer doesn't give a shit about what he says about blacks and Hispanics, but he is e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y careful about mentions of Israel (i.e., he has a good nose for power, and chooses to pick on the weak exclusively, despite the huge amount of material in his wheelhouse created daily by Khazars):  "The Tom Wolfe of T.J. Maxx Says There Is No Cancel Culture, Then Gets Canceled".

"The Guardian Responds to Columnist’s Claim He Was Fired Over ‘Joke Tweet’ About Israel" (Sarnoff).

Tweet (Yasha Levine):

"haha. imagine being a radical socialist like nathan, working happily for the guardian, and then being surprised and shocked by how shitty its politics are -- but only after you get fired. that's some real radical politics for you right there."

Tweet (Caitlin Johnstone):

"Absolutely shocked and outraged to learn that a journalist as respected and influential as @NathanJRobinson would do something so disgusting and offensive as writing for The Guardian."

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