Monday, February 15, 2021

School bus driving

Ben Norton on the two coups and the Assholian 'left' going MIA.

Tweet (Mark Ames):

"So within hours after @bademjanbitch posted something unflattering about Bellingspook founder Eliot Higgins, her account was suspended, falsely labeled a Russian bot. The irony of @TwitterSupport labeling & censoring Soviet emigre as a traitor for expressing wrong thoughts..." 

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (it is as if Assholia is suffering from a revolution, with completely unpredictable results, of the Aristocracy Adjacent, who have all been possessed by a kind of madness caused by all the contradictions in late Assholia) (also) (Sailer):
"Just imagine working your way up from copyboy to a NYT reporter over the course of 45 years, then having your career ended by a teenager with this mentality that comes from being born into an extremely rich family & sheltered at $60,000/year prep schools:"
The most striking thin is that the JYT appeared to let this go, only to use his new fame as a result of the pandemic to settle some old scores.

"Biden admin smears Nicaragua as ‘dictatorship’ for forcing US-funded, coup-plotting NGOs to register as foreign agents" (Norton).  Indistinguishable from Trump.

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Who started the "U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s military misadventure in Yemen" that led to the "humanitarian disaster"? You forgot to say."
On the Khazar Pardons For Shekels assembly line: "Dershowitz made use of Trump access to help secure pardons and clemency for clients" (Bowden).

Using Covid as an opportunity to create a weaponized response to biowarfare, or, of course, false-flag biowarfare:  "Atlantic Council Braces for Opportunities of Potential Bioterror Attack" (Diego).  The pandemic has certainly been a blessing to the bad guys.

Steven Salaita lists his greatest hits as a writer, on transitioning from an academic to a school bus driver, all worth reading.  Background.  He is a pioneer victim of cancel culture, for the (((usual reasons))).

IMF gunboat diplomacy:  "Argentina Denounces Presence of US Submarine".  "Argentina pushes for delay to IMF debt deal until pandemic has eased: Report".

Assholes meet with the group they are supposed to be fighting in Syria - indeed, the very reason they claim to still be in Syria, after just stealing oil seemed a little unwoke - to plan Yinon:  "Western intel, Daesh chiefs meet to coordinate future plans: Sputnik".
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