Friday, February 12, 2021

Stakeholder capitalism

Tweets by Alan MacLeod on shifting interest in 'human rights', part of the weaponization process. 

Tweets by Ben Norton on OAS meddling in the election in Ecuador.  Yet another Asshole loss would start to look bad.

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):

"US state media:

Haitian protesters are “anti-government”

Hong Kong protesters are “pro-democracy”"

"Rights Groups Outraged After Twitter Purges Accounts Of Saudi Political Prisoners" (Durden).  'Jack' takes riyals as readily as he takes shekels.

You can see why (((we))) need WWIII, now, goyim:  "The Russian alternative: How Moscow is capitalizing on US retreat in Palestine, Israel" (Baroud).

"YouTube removes Punjabi songs related to farmers' protest" (Athrady).  "Farmers’ Protest in India: Price of Failure Will Be immense" (Todhunter).  NAFTA and Mexico as a cautionary tale.  The farmers can't lose, yet Modi won't budge.

"“The great reset.”" (Khan).  'Stakeholder capitalism' is the bait, and the only aspect of the plan that won't survive implementation.

Is Impeachment II just a trick to get a domestic terrorism bill passed?

"“Much To Do About Nothing”: The Withdrawal Of The Lee Claim Has “Much To Do” With A Glaring Flaw In The House Case" (Turley).  The House didn't go looking for evidence because the Dems knew it wouldn't support the Democrat case (my emphasis in red).

"Tuberville stated that he did not recall much of the brief call, but the article also states that Lee told the newspaper that when “Lee said when he later asked Tuberville about the conversation, he got the impression that Trump didn’t know about the chaos going on in the Senate chamber.” The House managers left out that part which directly contradicts its narrative that Trump knew about the riot and was relishing it as he was calling to further delay the electoral certification. If true, the House’s timeline argument would lose coherence, if not collapse entirely."

Tweet (Sohrab Ahmari, op-ed editor for NY Post!):

"You wanna resist the forces behind cancellation, woke-ism, etc.? Hit where it hurts:

1. Support unionization at Amazon and the like.

2. Win back labor unions.

3. Tax large university endowments.

4. Use existing monopoly laws against Big Tech.

5. Class analysis is your friend."

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