Tuesday, February 02, 2021

Sub-Mike Pompeo with a massive hangover

"XI and Putin Make the Case for Win-Win vs. Zero-Sum" (Escobar):

"The glaring counterpoint to Xi-Putin at Davos has been a so-called “strategy paper” released by NATO think tank The Atlantic Council, pompously titled The Longer Telegram, as if this was as relevant as George Kennan’s 1946 Long Telegram that designed the containment of the USSR. 

Well, the least one can say to the anonymous “former senior government official with deep expertise” on China is, “Mr. Anonymous, You’re No George Kennan”. At best, we’re dealing with a sub-Mike Pompeo with a massive hangover. 

Amidst a tsunami of platitudes, we learn that China is a “revisionist power” that “presents a serious problem for the whole of the democratic world”; and that the Chinese leadership better get its act together and operate “within the US-led liberal international order rather than building a rival order”. 

The usual toxic mix of arrogance and condescension totally gives away the game, which boils down to “deterring and preventing China from crossing US red lines”, and applying good, old Kissingerian Divide and Rule between Russia and China. 

Oh, and don’t forget regime change: if the “strategy” works, “Xi will in time be replaced by the more traditional form of Communist Party leadership.”

If this is what passes for intellectual firepower in Atlanticist circles, Beijing and Moscow don’t even need enemies."

"China building digital Silk Road stretching from Asia through Africa to Europe".

"On the American Dharma of Dynamics, and the Confusion of Symptom With Cause" (Crooke).  The dollar printing presses, and the new politics of equity.  The Deplorables are the canaries in the coal mine.  When they start chirping, or drop dead, they are trying to tell you something.  Nobody wants to listen.

Bowman hasn't had The Visit yet.

This is very embarrassing, and obviously corrupt:  "Judge Boasberg: The Clinesmith Lies Don't Matter" (Techno Fog).

"How to Derail the U.S. Rush Toward War with China? Two Peace Activists Suggest an Answer" (Kuzmarov).

"Plan to rebuild defence early-warning system means political, fiscal headaches for Trudeau government" (Brewster):
"Estimates of the cost of NORAD's renewal range between $11 billion and $15 billion. Whatever it ends up costing, Canadian taxpayers would be on the hook for 40 per cent of the total."
The obvious solution for Canada is to pocket the $6 billion and form a new alliance with Russia.

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris):
"David Macdonald, senior economist with @ccpa 
"If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s that neither long-term care nor child care should be left to profit-seeking entities."  
"Developments in attack on FMLN supporters" and "Generations of violence in El Salvador" (El Salvador Prespectives).
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