Wednesday, February 10, 2021

The hard way

Tweet (Nathan J Robinson):

"One of the most serious threats to free speech is the silencing of criticism of the government of Israel. 

I have now found this out the hard way, having just been fired as a Guardian columnist for sending a tweet about US military aid to Israel" 

"How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel" (Robinson):
"Personally I was appalled and depressed to see new funding for Israeli missiles being passed at the same time as pitifully small COVID relief. Israel is a nuclear-armed power (something they officially neither confirm nor deny but experts widely accept as true and Benjamin Netanyahu once accidentally admitted). It has almost complete dominance over the Palestinians. We have already given it so much military aid that it does not need. Why, during the pandemic, is Congress funneling money to new missile systems? 
I am—to my constant shame—moderately active on Twitter, so I relieved my anger with a joke tweet. Sarcastically I wrote two linked tweets. (1) “Did you know that it’s the law that whenever Congress authorizes new spending it has to buy Israel a new weapons system? It’s true!” (2) “Well, if not actually the law, at least so customary as to be functionally identical.”* Of course, tweet 1 was sarcasm (which is common on Twitter), but to absolutely make sure that nobody thought this was some kind of actual law, I appended a second tweet to make it crystal clear that I was joking, this was 100 percent a joke, let there be no room for misinterpretation about this joke."
Some pos named John Mulholland, editor in chief of the Guardian US, seems to be the main Henchman For The Jews in this matter.

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