Wednesday, February 24, 2021

The past is never dead. It's not even past

"Lee Harvey Oswald was instructed by Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev to assassinate JFK, ex-CIA chief and former head of Romania's spy service claim in new book" (Alexander).  "Former CIA director claims the Soviet Union was responsible for the assassination of JFK".  Just in time for WWIII.

"How Did a Fateful CIA Coup—Executed 55 Years Ago this February 24—Doom Much of Sub-Saharan Africa?" (Quist-Adade).

Tweet (RedSea):

"Maurice Tempelsman is most directly responsible for Patrice Lumumba’s death. He is, currently, a board member at the National Democratic Institute. What a joke."

Tweet (Jonathon L. Earle) (also) (you need to scroll down to the four reports in his list of documents):

"In Patrice Lumumba's honour, I am pleased to offer 1 last lot of CIA reports produced just prior to the assassination. Here, we have 4 documents produced on 12 January 1961, 5 days before Lumumba's murder. These may be fully downloaded here: 1/4"

"DRC: How the CIA Got Patrice Lumumba" (Soudan).

"New revelations of FBI and New York police conspiracy in the assassination of Malcolm X" (Mazelis).

"CAM Exclusive: CIA Adapts Database Software Called PROMIS with Back Door for Cyber-espionage" (Colhoun).  WebbWebb.

"Malta: Three suspects arrested over 2017 killing of journalist".

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