Sunday, February 07, 2021

The woke iconoclasts

Tweet (Andrew Sullivan):

"This reads like a confession procured by the Khmer Rouge. It’s both ridiculous and terrifying." 

"Canceling their own? NYT's lead Covid-19 reporter resigns after reprimand for use of ‘N-word’ fails to appease co-workers".

"The “Canceling” of New York Times Reporter Donald McNeil Proves White Liberals Are The Useful Idiots of “Woke Culture”".

Assholia at the moment is reminding me of a country suffering under a religious mania, in this case the mania of wokenness, something like Italy with Savonarola around, or the Russian court with Rasputin, or any random group of iconoclasts (which is really what wokenness is about, taking down the idols).  These things eventually pass.  Rasputin was murdered, Savonarola hanged.  
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