Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Traffic light timing

"Navalniy and Treason" (Armstrong). I like the style, covering a lot of ground, fast.

"Russia Holds the Key to German Sovereignty" (Escobar).

Tweet (Alan MacLeod):

"Politico's energy newsletter is paid for by ExxonMobil, its defense letter by Northropp Grumman, its pharma coverage by CVS Health and its tax section by a very shady finance company that keeps ripping off its customers. 

Corporate propaganda masquerading as journalism."

"The False and Exaggerated Claims Still Being Spread About the Capitol Riot" (Greenwald).

Tweets by Brian Mier:
"Walter Delgatti, the man who hacked into the Lava Jato taskforce's Telegram chats, says he is "dissapointed" that the Intercept published such a small amount of the conversations he gave them, in an interview on @brasil247 continued.

Delgatti said in the interview that he only gave Glenn Greenwald 56 gigabytes of conversations out of a total of over 7 tetrabytes and that he turned down an offer for more, saying the Intercept could publish enough stories with info received. What did it choose not to publish?"
"How Governments are Manipulating RT-PCR Test Data" (Viable Opposition).

Bezos always skates perilously close to Mr. Burns territory:  "Amazon changed traffic light timing during union drive, county officials say" (Brandom).
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