Monday, February 22, 2021


"The ‘Transition’ of the Élites" (Crooke).

"The GOP Is Becoming The Blue Collar Party" ('Hunter Wallace').

There is an isolationist hole big enough to drive election-winning trucks through, but can the GOP let go of those sweet, sweet shekels long enough to benefit from the chance that Biden's teleprompter is giving them?

The shift inspired by hopes of what Trump stood for, and the 'woke' addition to the mainstream Democrats, is an oddity, as it provides for the first time a glimmer of hope around the stranglehold the Khazars have had on Assholian politics for decades.  They have a separate set of pre-bribed and pre-blackmailed politicians for each party, meaning that Khazarian dominance is always bipartisan.  They have unwisely allowed their hatred of the 'deplorables' to cloud their judgement, and it is most easily seen in the 'insurrection' impeachment debacle, coupled, of course, with the return to full Wars For The Jews.

On the other hand, the Republicans have been playing with faux populism for years, and it is difficult to accept that Josh 'Wall Street' Hawley is going to make a miraculous transformation to Josh 'Huey Long' Hawley.

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