Thursday, February 04, 2021


"Latest Poll Undermines Claims of Rising Dissatisfaction in Russia" (Robinson). 

The same word caught my eye, since the Saudis would no doubt claim they are just defending themselves:  tweet (Michael Tracey):

"US material support for the Saudi brutalization of Yemen was always bogusly predicated on it being a "defensive" action, so this could mean little in practice"

Khonsider the khost of an all-Khazar khabinet: "Biden officials pledge to fight BDS" (Ruebner).

"Why Always Israel? Only One Country Matters to Congress and the Media" (Giraldi).  All they want to hear in a confirmation hearing is if you have the 'right' opinion on bds! 

I know he's a racist, but more people should be reading this guy:  "What Is The Left These Days?" ('Hunter Wallace').  Also:  "Mitt Romney Proposes $350 Monthly Payments For Children".  I hate Mitt, but see how clever he is, as he tries on a populist hat, in the graph in the tweet by National Conservative.

"The So-Called Moderna Vaccine Is a Publicly Funded Miracle" (Lawson).  The world is getting hung-up on vaccinations due to lack of vaccines as the producers take steps to maximize their profits.

Tweet (Pablo Navarrete #freeassange):

"It's now been more than 2 weeks since I spoke to @AsaWinstanley for @TheCanaryUK about his article 

**Not one** mainstream media outlet in the UK has reported on the fact the leader of a major UK political party has hired a former foreign government spy to work in their office"
Tweet (David Sheen):
"Jewish “Journalism”: Israel’s leading liberal human rights group issues a groundbreaking report declaring that Israel is an apartheid state, and The Forward doesn’t even bother to cover it – neither in its news section, nor in its opinion section SMH"
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