Sunday, February 07, 2021

Unreliable partner

Another case of blasphemy (misuse of a picture of the World's Most Holy Site, and not vaccine skepticism, was the real crime), which will soon be the only crime. 

"Russia Expels German, Swedish & Polish Diplomats For Attending Pro-Navalny Rallies".  Hilarious, and fully deserved, abuse of Euro-trash:  ""Borrell stands by as Lavrov calls EU ‘unreliable partner’" (Herszenhorn/Barigazzi).  "‘ACTORS & LIES’: Beijing doubles down on thrashing BBC coverage of China amid CGTN ban row".  "Revoking CGTN’s Licence is Attack on Freedom of Speech, Part of Broader UK-China Row" (Blinova).  The new reality is that neither Russia nor China is prepared to put up any longer with the bad faith of Assholia and its lackeys.

"Western pundits believed post-Maidan Ukraine would serve as an ‘example’ for Russia – in reality, it’s become a cautionary tale" (Robinson).  A lot of countries have been saved from the fate worse than death of a color revolution by looking at Ukraine, which kindly sacrificed its entire future to turn into the ultimate, permanent - I can't see any way anything is going to get better - shithole so that others may live free of sorositis.

"Burmese Days, Revisited" (Escobar).  The generals (again), the heroine of the West turned human rights monster, disenfranchised ethnic minorities, 'containing China'.

(((Blinken))) and the ICC.

"Jeffrey Epstein victims’ fund abruptly suspends payments".  I knew that ((('donors'))) and Israel would make sure they stripped the estate before the gentile child sluts could get any compensation.  Real life is just a series of anti-Semitic clichés, tropes and canards.

"Bernays and Propaganda" (Romanoff).

"In confronting Russian ‘aggression’, Biden forgets he is the problem, not the solution" (Ritter):

"Joe Biden calls on American leadership to confront Russian authoritarianism that he claims threatens American democracy. But every problem between the two has its roots in US actions Biden once supported. Physician, heal thyself."

I have been saying Biden would be absolutely horrible, but I have to admit I never anticipated just how horrible he - or rather, his teleprompter writer - would be, and so quickly.

Tweet (The Babylon Bee):

"Don't know how to report on things now that Biden is president? Check our handy guide for journalists:"

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