Friday, February 05, 2021


We're all going to be dead - or wish we were - by the end of 2021:  "Biden Convenes "Urgent" High Level NSC Meeting To Talk Iran Nukes" (Durden). 

Macron sticking his nose in is the Rothschilds sticking their nose in.  It was remarkable that the Iran Deal was done at all, and it could only have been done with the Rothschilds pushing for it (the 'American' Khazars have consistently wanted war, but the Rothschilds, taking the longer view of Jewish safety and wellbeing, realized that conflict with Iran is not 'good for the Jews', which includes the idea that a conflict with Iran that goes sideways, which is likely, will be blamed on the Jews, not good for the parasites-host relationship).

What is worrisome is that Macron has now picked unnecessary fights with Turkey, Lebanon, and his own Islamic population, which seems to indicate the Rothschilds have lost their bearings.  "Macron’s Anti-Islamic Crusade Fails" (Leiroz de Almeida).

The big goal now is to get Israel into NATO, and I can see a scenario where Israel offers to 'help' in the war against Russia militarily, thus enabling an easy transition into being a full NATO member.

"Backing France’s African Adventures: What Could Go Wrong?… Everything" (Sjursen).

"‘The Longer Telegram’ Is a Recipe for Costly Failure" (Larison).  The good news is that WWIII against Iran, and then Russia, will probably spare China.

"NATO and the Unintended Consequences of Washington's Anti-Russia Sanctions" (Viable Opposition).  The bad news is that WWIII against Russia may end up being WWIII against China as well.

"Time: The Secret History of The Elite Cabal Who Conspired Against Donald Trump" ('Hunter Wallace').

"Ecuador: US-Backed Gov’t Scrambles to Privatize the Central Bank Before Elections" (MintPress News Desk).  Is this why Moreno has spent so much time in Washington?

"After Trump, coronavirus could deliver the final blow to neoliberalism" (Gill).  More good news - maybe we need the combo of the pandemic and WWIII  to lead to the revolution we so desperately need.

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