Saturday, February 13, 2021

Woke scolds

You never know, as seemingly random incidents have the habit of popping up to change everything, but this is probably the way (((they))) intend to arrive at WWIII:  "NATO’s Road To Perdition With Ukraine".  It's a classic as the (((media))) will be able to portray it as all Russia's fault in overreacting.

"Game-Changing Iranian Pipeline Set To Launch In March" (Watkins):

"Over and above the technical details involved in the Goreh-Jask pipeline project, the key point is that the pipeline will allow Iran another method by which it can export huge amounts of oil without being prey to U.S. sanctions and it will also allow Iran to do this whilst at the same time causing chaos for a third of the rest of the world’s oil shipments through blockading the Strait of Hormuz, should it wish to do so again.

“The logistical model Iran has at present is not sustainable in the current circumstances, with around 90 per cent of all of its oil for export currently loaded at Kharg Island – with most of the remaining loads going through terminals on Lavan and Sirri - making it an obvious and easy target for the U.S. and its proxies to cripple Iran’s oil sector and therefore its economy,” a senior oil and gas industry source who works closely with Iran’s Petroleum Ministry told

“Conversely, Iran wants to be able to use the threat – or reality – of closing the Strait of Hormuz for political reasons without also completing destroying its own oil exports revenue stream,” he said.

Even before U.S. sanctions were re-imposed in May 2018, the Kharg terminal was not ideal for use by tankers as the narrowness of the Strait of Hormuz means that they have to travel extremely slowly through it, meaning that the transit cost increases, there are delays in revenue streams, and they are easy targets for even simple attacks. Additionally positive for Iran is that having a huge oil storage capacity available just a short direct sea journey away from Pakistan and then on into China is likely to result in the final go-ahead for the construction of the Iran-Pakistan oil and gas pipeline, and then put further pressure on the developing India-UAE-U.S. relationship as India may well think that resuscitating the Iran-Pakistan-India pipeline is preferable to the current plans with the UAE. It also means that Iran can send oil supplies – and anything else it wants in the tankers – to the Houthi faction in Yemen to keep a constant threat to the Saudi southern flank and also to militia groupings in Somalia and Kenya."

"MSM's narrative about the murderous Capitol mob has collapsed, but don't let that get in the way of a good political lynching" (Cox).

"Court Docs Show FBI Can Intercept Encrypted Messages From ‘Signal’ App" (Trejo):
"This vulnerability within the Signal app may not be a design flaw, but rather a deliberate backdoor to allow authorities to access private messages. The app was initially funded with backing from the deep state, after all."
Given the only thing that matters, killing people and stealing their land, Bibi is overdue for replacement, having lost a step in the genocide game: "'You're Nothing Special': Frustration In Israel As Biden Still Hasn't Phoned Netanyahu" (Durden).  It is difficult not to notice that all these existential threat rockets, from Hezbollah and now Iran, have built up entirely on Bibi's watch, and despite killing a lot of people for no reason at all, Bibi has done absolutely nothing about it.  The Dems are also still steamed about Bibi effectively endorsing Mitt (running against Barry, no less), breaking the iron rule of no overt messing in Assholian partisan politics.

"Israel will pull out all the stops to avoid facing war crimes charges" (Cook).  Zionists will think Bibi should have nipped this in the bud with the usual shekeling and blackmail.

"White House says no call planned to Saudi Arabia".

"The Guardian Revealed Its True Face in Sacking a Columnist for Criticising US Military Aid to Israel" (Cook).  

"The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Has Embraced Neoliberal Joe" ('Hunter Wallace'):
"The Democrats are transforming into the old Republican Party. 

They are becoming the party of White upper middle class professionals, globalists, neoliberal oligarchs, woke scolds, wealthy suburbanites, Woke Capital, Wall Street, etc. The Democratic Party as a whole is being gentrified by PMCs like Washington, DC which they want to become a state.

It is only a matter of time before all of these new Democrats start clamoring for the things they pushed for as Republicans like tax cuts, free trade, entitlement reform, endless wars and so on … while calling everyone a “racist” who is still in the Republican Party. Max Boot who was one of the biggest chickenhawks who pushed for the Iraq Qar is writing for The Washington Post. Nicolle Wallace who was Jeb Bush’s press secretary is a MSNBC television host now."
"The Globalist Dilemma: How To Implement A 4th Industrial Revolution Without Losing Power" (Flores). All the Davos Man Talk comes out of desperation - the powers that be really have no clue on how to keep the balls in the air while maintaining their wealth and power, and failure means tumbrils and guillotines.  They want us to be tricked into thinking they have a plausible plan, and in fact they don't.  Eventually, we're going to have to take all the money they have stolen and get rid of them, but maybe they can buy some time ("minimizing the rotation of elites").
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