Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Imperial temptations

"They’re Not Even Trying to Make Sense Now" (Armstrong).   "Master List Of Official Russia Claims That Proved To Be Bogus" (Taibbi).

"The Iran-China Axis Is A Fast Growing Force In Oil Markets" (Messler).

"U.S. tries to break Iran nuclear deadlock with new proposal for Tehran" (Toosi).  Every word in the headline is a lie.

"More at Stake for Iran and China than just a Trade Deal" (O'Neill).  Heroin and the CIA.

"Requiem for the ‘American Century’" (Bacevich):

"The longest war in U.S. history should by now have led Americans to reflect on the consequences that stem from succumbing to imperial temptations in a world where empire has long since become obsolete. Some might insist that present-day Americans have imbibed that lesson. In Washington, hawks appear chastened, with few calling for Biden to dispatch U.S. troops to Yemen or Myanmar or even Venezuela, our oil-rich “neighbor,” to put things right. For now, the nation’s appetite for military intervention abroad appears to be sated.

But mark me down as skeptical. Only when Americans openly acknowledge their imperial transgressions will genuine repentance become possible. And only with repentance will avoiding further occasions to sin become a habit. In other words, only when Americans call imperialism by its name will vows of “never again” deserve to be taken seriously."

"Biden's Ukrainian "Putin Push" May Lead To World War III" (Wilds).  You can see why Ukraine has a Khazar leader, as Khazars are notorious for not caring about anybody other than other Khazars, so the inevitable deaths of very many Ukrainians won't bother him in the least.  One of the dynamic parts of planning for WWIII - for this is what we're seeing - is the economic hit to Ukraine once Nord Stream 2 is completed.

"“Poor Rich Haiti”: How Imperialists and Local Oligarchy Have Sought to Destroy Haitian Agriculture" (Rivara).

"The British ambassador who supported a coup" (Curtis/Kennard).

"U.S. Government Turns Somalia Into Failed State to Steal Its Oil for Shell and Exxon-Mobil" (Alexandrov).

"Antisemitism definition to take center stage at NDP convention" (Engler).  These 'socialists' take the shekels.  Every.  Single.  Time.  There is literally no chance they will do the right thing.  They are simply disgusting.

"Who are the Israel lobbyists that want David Miller fired?" (Winstanley).  One of the most striking things about Khazar Zionists is how hate-filled and unlikeable they are, right on the surface.  It is the main reason why they will eventually lose, shekels notwithstanding.  Any normal, decent person is immediately disgusted by any of these thugs.  The weirdest thing is that they have no clue about how they are perceived, and think of themselves as completely loveable.

The two Fords:  "Two Ambassadors to Syria with Wildly Different Analyses" (Sterling).

"Ending his 20-year captivity, Israel rearrests Majd Barbar after one day of his release".

"The AstraZeneca Vaccine and the Proof That We Are Part of an Unprecedented Medical Experiment" (Viable Opposition).  The sausage-making and PR behind the restrictions in Canada on the 'vaccine' that is causing all the fatal blot clots.

"Austria's Kurz Derides EU's "Geopolitical Blinkers" On Vaccine, Confirms Talks For Sputnik V" (Durden).  "Slovak PM steps down over Sputnik V vaccine deal scandal".

"Whistleblower: Ubiquiti Breach “Catastrophic”" (Krebs).  They got away with their deception!  So far.

Because of greed, my friends

"How Netanyahu brought Israel's biggest racists seats - and legitimacy - in parliament" (Sheen).  "Israel elections: Itamar Ben Gvir, the Jewish supremacist on the rise" (Cook).  As bad as this is, it is a kind of truth in advertising, as it become more and more difficult for the Khazars to hide what what the Zionist project is really about.

"Americans… ‘Know Your Enemy’" (McKinney).  Win-win versus win-lose.  Guess which side Assholia is on.

A remarkable display of violence against a person who is presumably a stranger, and with no motive of mugging:  "Elderly Asian Woman Attacked On New York Street . . . Security Guard Responds By Closing Door" (Turley) (more details).  Is this coming out of the obvious anti-Chinese racism of the entire Assholian government, or is there a more specific stirring up of black people from some unidentified media outlets?  Got him (with the twist of matricide)!

From December:  "Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence".  I think it is closer to say that half-assed lock downs don't work.  Texas and Florida are crowing about being completely 'open',  but give it a couple weeks.

As a Canadian, I rarely get to say 'we're number one!':  "Canada's nursing homes have worst record for COVID-19 deaths among wealthy nations: report" (Ireton).  Canada is paying for its inability to manufacture vaccines, and there is a reason for that:  "Connaught Labs — the greatest mistake ever made by a Canadian government" (Thomas) (McQuaig).  Sold for a pittance - no doubt to generate funds for tax cuts for the 1% - and then allowed to fritter away by the purchaser, who no doubt bought it mostly to eliminate the competition.  It is a little weird that the same company is now the one the government has picked to open a Canadian manufacturing facility.

"Cuba Libre to be COVID-Libre: Five Vaccines and Counting…" (Yaffe).  Tweet (Vik Sohonie):

"Cuba has FOUR vaccine candidates. Put some respect on the Cuban medical and science community. Four vaccines with nowhere near the resources of Europe, the US, or even India, all produced under a medieval siege."

"NEW - Superseding Indictment hits Ghislaine Maxwell with charges for "sex trafficking of a minor" (Techno Fog).  I still think this is all a trick, but if the prosecution is at all sincere this may be an attempt to get around the all-inclusive plea agreement that Dersh got for Epstein.

"AIPAC’s failure gives Biden a lane for Iran deal, if he has the spine" (Weiss).  AIPAC is weaker, but Biden still enjoys a good shekel.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"Buried down the sixth paragraph of UK state broadcaster BBC's sensationalist non-story: 

"According to Nato... the Russian military aircraft never entered its member states' airspace.""

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

All about them

"Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists" (Giraldi). Gab (Official Dad of Gab):

"Even if I did believe that the Holocaust happened (I don't), I wouldn't give a shit if people denied it.

Jews managed to take a war that killed 85 million people, mostly white Europeans, and make it all about them.

They've milked it for victim points even as they remain the most powerful ethnic group in the world, and they've used it to justify their inexcusable hatred and aggression towards whites.

So yeah, even if their 6 million lie is true I don't give a fuck. How dare they act like their lives matter more than anyone else's?"

Eichmann was just a tool of the Rothschilds: "Banality of Evil in Neo-fascist Times" (Iqbal).  I wonder how much better things might have gone in the German war effort had Eichmann just told the Rothschilds to go to hell.  The Germans would have lost some production from slave labor camps, but would have also saved a lot of resources which might have been used to win the war.  Had they won the war first, they then could have decided what to do with any internal traitors or 'dual loyalists'.


Tweet (tim anderson):

"#Uyghur concentration camp in #China? Nope. #Washington run US-Mexico border detention camp." 

Tweet (Donald Trump Jr.):
"Let me get this straight... some Democrats want American citizens to have a Vaccine Passport to travel freely within the United States but not an ID to vote?!?   

You'll need an official vaccine passport with your name on it to get into the place with the voting booths, but then you can hide the document and vote under whatever random name you choose. Then do it again!

From Elections Canada, which runs federal elections ('stakeholder engagement sessions' is so Canadian):
"The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the Charter) confirms every citizen's right to vote. While this democratic right is guaranteed to all electors it is subject to reasonable limits.

The requirements to prove identity and residence were adopted by Parliament in 2007 to prevent real and perceived voter fraud and to maintain public confidence in the integrity of the electoral process.

The law was challenged in 2009 in Henry v. Canada (Attorney General) 1 it was argued that the identification provisions infringed on the right to vote guaranteed under section 3 of the Charter.

In 2010 the British Columbia Supreme Court (the Court) found that the requirements are a facial breach on the right to vote and are inconsistent with section 3 of the Charter.

However, they are a reasonable limit on Canadians' electoral rights. Citing the Supreme Court of Canada, the Court's analysis noted that "effective representation contemplates more than the right to have and to vote for a representative in Parliament or the legislative assembly; it also implies the right of each citizen to play a meaningful role in the electoral process" (para.133). Proving identity and residence, therefore, is a procedural requirement that gives expression to the right to vote and to representative government.

The Court was also clear that such procedures should not interfere with the right to vote and that no group of electors should be disproportionately burdened by them. The Court cited evidence regarding segments of society who may face difficulties proving their identity and residence, including seniors or persons living in a long-term care facility (para. 455) and persons who are homeless (para. 458–459).

Since 2008, post-election survey results indicate that the vast majority of electors have no difficulty in proving identity and residence; but some segments of the population including youth and Indigenous electors may be more likely to have difficulty in providing address.

These concerns have been echoed in various ways. During stakeholder engagement sessions Elections Canada learned that certain persons including electors who are homeless, seniors, long-term care facility residents and students may face challenges in proving their residential address. 2  An administrative review following the 2015 general election also showed that some electors on First Nations reserves were unable to vote because they lacked proof of identity and residence, and pointed to issues with registration stemming from non-standard address types. 3

Elections Canada has also learned, anecdotally and through stakeholders, about the challenges faced by other groups of electors in meeting the identification requirements. These include transgender electors who may not have identification documents that match their new identity; electors who share a residence, do not have their current address on their identification, and do not have other accepted documents, such as utility bills, in their name; or the approximately eleven percent of all registered electors who move every year 4  and may not have documents that contain their new address.

The Court noted that the Charter "creates a positive obligation on the state to put in place appropriate arrangements for the effective exercise of the right to vote" (para. 140). It also affirmed the CEO's responsibility to expand and/or modify the authorized pieces of identification as a means to increase accessibility, while continuing to balance concerns surrounding integrity.

In summary, the identification requirements have been upheld by the courts, recognizing that they should not be a barrier to voters. As such, Elections Canada, in implementing the requirements, strives to ensure a balance between accessibility, integrity of the vote and efficient administration of the requirements."
Tweet (Joe Dan Gorman - Intellectual Froglegs):
"Facebook just deleted a post from last fall on the 
grounds I was engaged in “Adult Sexual Exploitation”."
Tweet (Hans Mahncke):
""Creating PPPs–a subset of GOF [gain-of-function] experiments involving creation of novel, virulent, transmissible viruses...entails a unique risk that a laboratory accident could spark a pandemic killing millions."  
@mlipsitch wrote this 6 years ago."
This is interesting: tweet (Stella Moris #DropTheCharges):
"After a hard night, Julian woke up this morning to a kind, personal message from Pope Francis @pontifex delivered to his cell door by the prison priest. 
Our family wishes to express our gratitude to the many Catholics and other Christians campaigning for his freedom. #Assange"
"Matt Taibbi Challenges Joe Scarborough: "Invite Me To Debate Your Network's Putrid Russiagate Coverage"".

"Israel election: The Far-right is Triumphant: The Only Obstacle Left is Netanyahu" (Cook).

"Mumia update: The new Krasner brief".  'Reformers' always end up back working for the police unions.

Dual loyalty

"Jonathan Pollard says Jews ‘will always have dual loyalty’ and would counsel young Jews to consider spying for Israel" (Kampeas). Yet think of the names I'll be called if I try to say exactly the same thing!  My only difference from this world expert on the subject is that I don't think there is anything 'dual' about it.

Common theme

Tweet (Richard Hanania):

"You might notice a common theme in her work. There are a lot of opportunities out there for young reporters who have no idea what they're talking about as long as they say the right things, one day they might pay her for this stuff." 

This poor innocent sweet intern has a history of writing incomprehensible warmongering drivel for Bellingcat!


"Journalists Attack the Powerless, Then Self-Victimize to Bar Criticisms of Themselves" (Greenwald).

This is from the letter I linked to the other day:  "Criticism of Ideas Is Not Harassment" (Boghossian) (my emphasis in red):

"By claiming that criticism of published ideas and pedagogical models is harassment, and by creating institutional mechanisms that erect barriers to wholly appropriate critique, entire lines of scholarship become exempt from scrutiny. The academic process depends on having the freedom not only to state ideas but also to criticize other ideas. Limiting criticism in academia is tantamount to telling potters they can make all the clay pots they want so long as they never use clay. This is particularly disturbing because the claims in question — almost always about race, gender, and sexual orientation — are presented as knowledge and then used to influence public policy. 

It is worth noting that criticism is framed as harassment only by academicians working in certain domains of thought that are in Critical Theory’s orbit. Civil engineers are not claiming that criticism of truss bridge design is harassment. Physicists are not claiming they’re being persecuted when their contributions to quantum theory are criticized. Philosophers are not claiming victimization when their arguments about free will are scrutinized. Claiming criticism is harassment occurs when a discipline’s North Star is not Truth, but ideology.

The internal rationale for calling criticism “harassment” is as simple as it is absurd: because these Critical Theories are believed to proceed from one’s “social position” as an occupant of some “identity category,” the person and her ideas are treated as though they overlap. They do not. Thinking they do is a dangerous mistake for anyone to make, not least institutions that are nominally devoted to Truth. The backbone of rational thought is separating people from ideas to protect the dignity of the former while being free to criticize the latter."

"There’s a dual irony in Ruth’s accusations. First, if there’s an institutionalized rule that criticism of academic work is harassment, how would Critical Theory, which is entirely predicated on criticizing existing systems, have emerged? It would not have. The ability to criticize has enabled the existence of disciplines in which my colleagues work, and from which they have framed criticism as harassment. Second, Ruth is doing to Gilley and me exactly what she claims we are doing to our colleagues — criticizing us. The only difference is, she takes aim at us, while we take aim at ideas."
The part in red leads us down a deeper hole. The modern 'philosophers' are rejecting, whether they realize it or not, the cartesian fundamental principle of Western thought, which is that the world is an objective reality which we can study given our sensory and cognitive skills as human beings.  Critical Race Theory rejects the idea that the thinker is objectively separate from the theory.  They are living the race theory, which cannot and should not be separated from the theorist.  Tackling the theory is tackling the theorist.  There really isn't an answer to this gulf in thinking, and all I can say is that the traditional theories involving testable hypotheses have been tremendously successful in the real world.  The complete subjectivity of Critical Race Theory really limits its usefulness, and I expect it will soon be forgotten.

On the other hand, the 'journalists' after Greenwald are just pampered snowflakes who are, ironically, trying to bully away any valid criticism of their vapid products.  Of course, they are particularly salty with Greenwald because of his effective eviscerations of Russiagate.

Monday, March 29, 2021

Purported date of provenance

Tweet (Mike Elk):

"There is far more foreign press than national press in Alabama covering the Amazon union votes.

Media outlets overseas care more about covering the American South than our own outlets." 

"By trying to talk tough on China, Biden’s White House is pushing Beijing into an alliance with Moscow, top Russian senator claims".  It is odd when the State Department does everything it can to push for the greatest nightmare of the State Department.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Nicaragua has an election in November and concerns are growing the US may try to impose a fake "interim president" like Juan Guaidó

The US State Dep't special envoy and right-wing Central American leaders recently referred to opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro as "president""
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Cops watched the driver get surrounded, be attacked, and then arrested the driver. 

The police did nothing about the Antifa members here committing multiple crimes in full view"
Tweet (Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver):
Aren’t you ahamed to tweet this when journalist #JulianAssange has spent 2 years of his life in max security prison. 
Your government has deprived the world of his vital work & him of a decade with his family and loved ones."
"Is Facebook about to crack down on criticism of Zionism?" (Ziv/Kane).

"The Covid-19 pandemic has taken thought policing and wokeness to a whole new level " (Marsden).

"Taibbi: The Death Of Humor".

"The Heiress, the Queen, and the Trillion-Dollar Tax Shelter" (Goodman):
"It wasn’t until finding the La Hougue documents that she and her husband learned the extent of its business practices. “Tanya and I basically locked ourselves in a room for four months and barely left the house until we went through all of the files,” says Stock. “We made thousands of entries into a master timeline until we finally realized this entire operation was built on lies.” According to Operation Scarlet’s police records, Dick-Stock’s father alleged that directors and staff of La Hougue were to blame for what he believed to be fraud perpetrated by the trust. But Dick-Stock and her husband say the trove of internal La Hougue documents, reviewed by Institutional Investor, proves that Dick was the beneficial owner of La Hougue and called the shots. Through his spokesman, Dick vigorously denied any wrongdoing. Multiple ongoing lawsuits in the U.S. and Jersey, which began in 2015, seek to untangle the web of what, exactly, happened and who is to blame. “La Hougue ran the family’s trusts,” says Stock. “And it drained them dry.” Dick-Stock and her father are no longer speaking. Dick, an independent director at London telecommunications company Liberty Global, now lives in Newport Beach, California. Dick-Stock’s mother, Mary Dick, who divorced John Dick in 1981, died in 1997.  
Looking back, Dick-Stock says she did see some strange things at the manor. The vault of her father’s office was not filled with cash, but with an eclectic collection of aging office equipment, labeled and dated by year. “There was a walk-in safe with a big metal door, and I remember, as a teenager, seeing all these dusty typewriters, fax machines, old pens, and old paper lined up on the shelves,” she says. “Once, I grabbed some of the old paper, and my dad nearly ripped my head off.” 

She now knows why the vault’s contents were never to be touched. According to one leaked memorandum between directors of La Hougue who worked with Dick-Stock’s father, forged documents were to be carefully prepared using printing materials and time stamps reflecting their purported date of provenance. “Remember the paper which is used, the machinery which prepared the documentation, the ink as it relates to preparing the documentation, and the signing thereof as it relates to the date,” the memorandum instructs, adding: “You will need to be careful with regard to soft and hard-copy disks, it being my view that there should be nothing apart from photocopies on your file.” Original copies were not to be retained. Both directors later admitted in a Denver court to forging dozens of backdated documents at La Hougue representing millions of dollars of fake debt. The Denver court sanctioned them for perjury, branding the violations “truly egregious.” But when the same directors attempted to present the bogus documents in a legal proceeding in Jersey, the court did not seem to hold it against them, simply excluding them from the case. According to Jersey law, attempts to commit fraud are an indictable offense.  
While these files have made headlines in media outlets around the world, including The Guardian, The Daily Beast, the Toronto StarMother Jones, and the London-based nonprofit Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Dick-Stock and her husband say they have been unable to get Jersey’s only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post to report on it.   
“A journalist there spoke to us,” Stock says. “But they wouldn’t touch the story.”"

Orange juice

"The “Unvaccinated” Question" (Hopkins).  We've been put in the terrible situation of having to hope that the horrible side effects occur soon enough that they will have to withdraw the 'vaccines' before they hold us down and force vaccinate us.  Thread by Dr Naomi Wolf.  In Assholia, this will be a neat way to de-humanize the Deplorables through the 'hesitancy' caste system.  If the political classes carry on down this route, we are either going to have to replace them completely, or give up and agree to live as Dalits.

Tweet (Rev.Locke Wiggin BS,MS,PhD,ScD CashApp:$GigiKlowen):

"A mileage tax is a tax on rural living."

"‘Only my doctor knows’ - Putin refuses to reveal which of three Russian Covid-19 vaccines he received in closed-door appointment":

"Unlike other world leaders who received injections on camera to boost people’s confidence in their vaccination campaigns, Putin received his shot in private. He explained his decision, saying he didn’t want to “ape” what other leaders have been doing, adding that these photo ops are not convincing for skeptics.

“If somebody wants to falsify things and dupe people, at that level it’s not hard to do. You could show an injection, but the shot would actually be of saline fluid or anything else. Kefir [a fermented dairy drink popular in Russia] or orange juice. I’m joking, of course. But maybe some vitamins,” Putin said."

Thread by Malgorzata (Gosia) Gasperowicz on B117 in Alberta.  Almost vertical line on graph!

"On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi Made an Ominous Phone Call That Could Change Everything" (revolver). The coup call to Milley.

Some 'journalists' try to block Capitol tourists from funding their defenses, and Greenwald gets lambasted for noticing.

"EXCLUSIVE: Seattle social-justice activist charged over anti-Asian hate attacks" (Ngô/Cathell).

The “race and inclusion” editor, nailed the race part, but shaky on the inclusion.

"CNN Faces Backlash After Referring to Black Carjacking That Killed Old Pakistani Guy as “An Accident”" (Anglin).

"Congress, In Five-Hour Hearing, Demands Tech CEOs Censor The Internet Even More Aggressively: Greenwald" (I don't think Zuck is as autistic as he pretends to be):
"Zuckerberg in particular has minimal capacity to communicate the way human beings naturally do. The Facebook CEO was obviously instructed by a team of public speaking consultants that it is customary to address members of the Committee as “Congressman” or “Congresswoman.” He thus began literally every answer he gave — even in rapid back and forth questions — with that word. He just refused to move his mouth without doing that — for five hours (though, in fairness, the questioning of Zuckerberg was often absurd and unreasonable). His brain permits no discretion to deviate from his script no matter how appropriate. For every question directed to him, he paused for several seconds, had his internal algorithms search for the relevant place in the metaphorical cassette inserted in a hidden box in his back, uttered the word “Congressman” or “Congresswoman,” stopped for several more seconds to search for the next applicable spot in the spine-cassette, and then proceeded unblinkingly to recite the words slowly transmitted into his neurons. One could practically see the gears in his head painfully churning as the cassette rewound or fast-forwarded."
"Professor who refused school order on transgender student’s pronouns wins in court" (Linge).  Tweet (Kevin MacDonald):
"This is a very important ruling. I was always told by deans and our on-campus 1st Amendment "expert" that if I brought up stuff in my classes that was irrelevant to course material, I could be fired--which of course would never happen to your typical leftie editorializing on race"
I would never, ever consider 'misgendering' anybody.  I would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings.  I would just refuse to refer to them at all.

Tweet (David Atherton):
"The reason we became the modern society is mainly down to The English Enlightenment. Beginning in c1660 philosophical & scientific ideas could be discussed publicly without sanction from government & the Church. Your computer or smartphone would not exist without free speech."
Thread by Max Blumenthal on the signatories to one of these Imperial 'open letters'.  Noam died years ago and has been replaced with an automatic open-letter signature-signing machine.  The letter is so Foggy Bottom that it is a miracle that anybody could sign it without vomiting.

Tweet (Vincent Bevins):
"Got a text from an important member of a center-left party in Latin America. He was shocked, but mostly confused. He asked: "Why would Blinken do so much damage to the reputation of the Democrats in the region? What is the strategy here? They used to hide these things.""
"Blinken’s Pièce de Théâtre Failed; Its Script Was Passé" (Crooke).

Vaccination invasion!:  tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"This whole thread is complete and total madness.

The last time US officials under a Democratic administration called for "intervention" in Brazil against the wishes of the elected government was 1964. Use Google and read about what happened."
Tweet (Madame Boukman - Justice 4 Haiti):
"Ha ha. Protesters in #Haiti at the Canadian Embassy waving a Russian flag. They are demanding the Canadian Embassy shut down to be replaced with a Russian Embassy. "Long live Russia. Canada go home.""
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Propagandists at the Washington Post (owned by history's richest oligarch, $200 billionaire Bezos) want you to think the world fears bogeyman China, but actually they fear the murderous US rogue regime, which wages nonstop war everywhere and has sanctions on 1/4 of the population"
Gab (Gersh) (also, Jeopardy):
"you gotta be shitting me lmao"
"Stop Anti-Chinese Hate, But Not Anti-China Politics?" (Levine).

"Armenian PM Pashinyan to resign ahead of fresh election as protests & constitutional crisis rage on in wake of war with Azerbaijan".  I wonder if they allow postal ballots.

"Ukraine approves strategy to “recover” Crimea, threatening all-out war with Russia" (Melanovski).  I wonder if any bookies are taking bets on how WWIII will start.

Senator Markle.

Liberated Texts.  Looks really good!

Sunday, March 28, 2021


Druthers, an Ontario-based anti-vax/anti-lockdown/anti-reset newspaper. 

Thread by Heywood Floyd on the cancel culture techniques of the Stasi, and how they seem familiar.

"‘Concerned’ Washington demands Bolivia release former ‘interim’ President Anez and other officials accused of orchestrating a coup".  Somebody in Bolivia should respond with a letter expressing concern with how the Capitol tourists are being treated.

"‘So proud to have a woman justifying mass murder!’ Secretary of State Blinken roasted for calling Albright his role model".  Makes perfect (((sense))).

"White House weighs temporarily lifting intellectual property shield on Covid-19 vaccines" (Tausche/Pramuk).  Excellent idea, so very unlikely.

"Gazprom: Nord Stream 2 Construction To Be Completed In 2021" (Kennedy).

All that NATO money has lead to an incredible display of wrongdoing, with subsequent efforts to cover up the wrongdoing leading to even more wrongdoing:  "Western govt contractor entrapped British scholar in sting operation to cover up Syria corruption scandal" (Norton).

"Harvard punishes professor who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein" (Binkley).  Bizarre 'punishment', sort of a time-out.  "Pissing on Pedestrians" (Bennett-Jones).

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Oh gosh, this isn’t good

"As Tide Turns, Houthis Reject US, Saudi “Peace” Deals for the Recycled Trash They Are" (Abdulkareem).  I have yet to see the slightest hint that any real pressure is being put on MbS, other than this idea to issue a phony 'peace' proposal (while simultaneously bombing Yemen).  MbS is never going to voluntarily admit he made such a massive mistake.

"Crashing Saudi Oil Economy Explains Urgent Yemeni Peace Offer" (Cunningham):

"The real reason for trying to end the conflict is the perilous state of the Saudi oil-dependent economy. Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil, gas and petroleum industry, recently announced that its profits have slumped by nearly half in 2020 compared with the year before. Down from $88 billion to $49 billion.

Given that its oil economy provides nearly 90 per cent of state budget that is a stupendous hit on the Saudi finances. The Saudi rulers rely on hefty state subsidies to keep its 34 million population content. With income from the oil industry nosediving that means state deficits will explode to maintain public spending, or else risk social unrest from dire cutbacks."

There would be a strong argument for this were the peace offer not an insult.  MbS is not just thumbing his nose at the Houthis, he is thumbing his nose at Assholia.

"In Quest of a Multi-Polar World" (Escobar interview of Hudson):

"Why can’t the Chinese system be exported to the West? That’s a good question…. How would you make American industry able to follow the same productive path that China did? Well for one thing the biggest element in workers budget today is housing, 40 percent. There was one way to get rid of it, get rid of the high housing prices that essentially, or whatever a bank would lend. And the banks lend essentially the economic rent. There’s a very simple way to keep housing prices down. You tax the land rent, you use your tax system, not on taxing labor, that increases the cost of labor, not increasing capital, that leaves less, industrial capital, but your tax of the land and the real estate and the banks.

Well, suppose you were to lower the price of housing in America from 40 percent to 10 percent like China has, and this is the big element in the cost structure difference. Well, if all of a sudden people only had to pay 10 percent of their income for housing, then all the banks would go under because 80 percent of the bank loans are mortgage loans.

The whole idea is that the purpose of housing is to force how many buyers and renters go into debt to the banks, so that the banks end up with all of the lend rent that the landlord class used to get. This is what’s preventing America from being like China. What if America would try to develop a high-speed railroad like China?

Well, then you need the right of way. You’d need to have the railroads go in a straight line. … They need a right of way, and it doesn’t have a right of way, because that conflicts with private property and most of the right of way is a very expensive real estate.

So, you can’t have high-speed rail in the United States, like in China. Suppose you would have a low-cost education. Well then, you get rid of the whole means of siphoning off labor’s income to pay for education loans. You could go, suppose you had private healthcare, and prevent Americans from getting sick like they do in China and Thailand, where you are.

Well, then the health insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be able to make their rent. So, you could not have America adopt a China type, industrial program without what would be really a revolution against, the legacy of the monopoly of private banking, of finance and all of the fortunes that have been built up financially really in the last 40 years since 1980."

I think Hudson is far too optimistic about Ukraine and Putin's ability to stay away from the coming provocations.  They will start a mass slaughter of Russian-speaking people living in eastern Ukraine holding Russian passports, and domestic pressure on Putin to stop this will be difficult to resist.

"U.S. Joins “Rules-Based World” on Afghanistan" (Benjamin).  This is also very optimistic, but there is a slight possibility that a deal has been made that Assholia will be permitted to end one War For The Jews in return for starting WWIII (in Ukraine).

"Nicaragua’s Indigenous People: Neocolonial Lies, Autonomous Reality" (Sefton).  "Biden admin smears Nicaragua as ‘dictatorship’ for forcing US-funded, coup-plotting NGOs to register as foreign agents" (Norton). "Nicaragua rebuffs attacks at human rights hearing" (Perry):

"A handful of local NGOs, in some cases funded by the US government and aided by US and European organizations such as California’s Oakland Institute, have weaponized the human rights of Indigenous Nicaraguans."

"Virtually No One in US Is Dangerous Enough to Justify Jail" (Mayson/Stevenson).  This is true.  The issue of recidivism while awaiting trial on another matter is what provides the red meat for those advocating leaving things as they are, or even making the system more punitive.

"URI embroiled in controversy over professor's comments about transgender individuals" (Borg):

"The sterilization of physically healthy individuals who fail to conform to society’s standards mirrors the forced sterilizations of people during the eugenics movement of the 1920s and 1930s"

Eugenics is another idea that science can identify and fix problems caused by 'mistakes' in nature.

"City Council candidate Susan Lee pushed down subway stairs in random attack" (Moore).

"Latvian FM has banned entry to Latvia for Belarusians, but something went wrong" (Vidmanas).  Don't read it, read the accurate comment by BobValdez:

"This article makes no sense whatsoever."


"The Return Of The Quiet American" (Carden).  I thought this was very nicely written. 

"Iran, China to sign cooperation document, says Spox".  25 years should easily outlive the failing Empire.

"Russia and China Are Sending Biden a Message: Don’t Judge Us or Try to Change us. Those Days Are Over" (Kevin).

"The Benefits of Détente" (Robinson).  Détente contrasts sharply with the anti-détente of (((Blinken))) and (((Biden's teleprompter))).

"NATO Headquarters: Blinken Announces Last Global Crusade" (Rozoff).

"Hawkish Iran letter falls flat in the Senate" (Petti).  More shekels and blackmail, immediately!

"To Western Media, Prosecuting Bolivian Coup Leaders Is Worse Than Leading a Coup" (Emersberger).  Particularly striking when you consider what the Assholian government is doing to the tourists who were let in the Capitol by the authorities.  HRW, acting as usual.

"The Meme God That Failed: Suez Crash Was Not Caused by First Woman Captain From Egypt" (revolver).  Lots of debunking.  More 'wind'!  Why won't they name the captain?  I'm not saying it was, but this would be a clever act of terrorism.  All the complex fluid dynamics explanations for how it happened don't explain how it never happened before, with thousands and thousands of ships.

Remember Greenwald had a run-in with some 'journalist', who comically tried to swat him down with an harassment claim?  As you would expect, the issue is metastasizing.  "Criticism of Ideas Is Not Harassment" (Boghossian).

"Greenwald: CNN's Defense Of Chris Cuomo's Special COVID Privileges Is Grotesque".  Cuomo Nepotism Network.

The (((media))) is covering this case, miraculously, but unenthusiastically.  "Fast-acting worker thwarts man with six guns in Atlanta grocery store: cops" (Fonrouge).  It being a normal day in Assholia, there is some discussion whether he did anything for which he could be charged.

"Fast Food Giant Claims Credit For Killing $15 Minimum Wage" (Bragman/Perez/Sirota).

Friday, March 26, 2021


"QAnon now pushes alarming conspiracy myths targeting China and Jewish people" (Chabria).  'Jewish people' make the headline but barely feature in the article (basically, the anti-Chinese rhetoric is analogous to old fashioned 'Jews run the world' stories).  Since guys like Schwab and Gates are saying the quiet bits out loud, it is a bit rich for the conspiracy 'experts' to claim there is no basis for these speculations (even as the Chinese obsession of QAnon is very suspicious, and indicates it is partly an Assholian intelligence op).  We can add as background the Orwellian/Kafkaesque mess that constitutes the official western response to the pandemic.

"Bellingcaught: Who Is the Mysterious Author of Bellingcat’s Attacks on OPCW Whistleblower?" (Maté).  So was York also working for the British government, and some bureaucrat decided to fold York's work into the Bellingcat PR product?  And is a lot of this being run, somehow, out of the BBC?

"Biden takes questions from mostly pre-selected reporters at first formal press conference as POTUS" (Wulfsohn). You can see why it took this long to have a press conference, and why it will be a long while until the next one.  The Dems are still purporting to be happy with him, but they really have to be grading on a curve.

Post-press-conference speculation from Mahncke and Cernovich on the first-world problems of President Harris.

"Russian President Putin has done ‘terrible things’ & doesn’t care ‘what Western world thinks of him,’ says Canadian PM Trudeau" (Tickle).  The small, tinny, staticky, echo chamber of the Assholes, just a fart in the wind, or, as Putin so eloquently put it recently - 'he who smelt it, dealt it'.

"Iran Looks To Expand Oil Influence In Africa Through New Pipeline" (Watkins).  Using Iraq as a front.  Jordan is still a bit miffed at the Khazars, and some of this may be closer to threats than a real likelihood.

"Turkey, Ukraine press forward with plans for two-front anti-Russian proxy war" (Rozoff).  Eastern Ukraine is the 'in' (((they)))'ve picked for WWIII.

Thursday, March 25, 2021

We are still living in fear

""We are still living in fear."".  These are the monsters that the Khazars themselves consider to be the pinnacle of being Jewish, and I, for one, believe them. 

"The Nakba of Sheikh Jarrah: How Israel Uses ‘the Law’ to Ethnically Cleanse East Jerusalem" (Baroud).  

"Israel election: The triumph of Kahanism" (Silverstein).  The entire Israeli electoral system, including the role of the corrupt Bibi, is now a machine to produce constant elections, with each one kosherizing crazier and crazier parties, culminating in the election of those who recently were considered to be unelectable terrorists.  Essentially, if you want a functioning government, you have to keep voting for parties more and more to the right.  It is not a bug, but a feature.

"U.S., NATO plan to recruit India into global alliance against China and Russia" (Rozoff).  India is now in the North Atlantic, right beside Israel.  You could argue that the greatest geopolitical mistake of the last fifty years was the failure to roll up NATO the minute it no longer had a purpose.

Speaking of NATO, long Aaron Maté thread on Bellingcat and his associates/protectors, specifically on producing PR for the debunked Syrian pronouncements of the OPCW.

"Murray Found Guilty of Contempt" (Lauria).  I'm not really sympathetic about outing complainants, particularly when the court orders specifically against it.  This is really a manifestation of the problems with Scottish nationalism, and the recent revelations that the complainants in the Salmond case may have been put up to it by Sturgeon as part of a power play, which particularly upset Murray, who then presumably felt justified in outing these political players who he thought were using #metoo as a political weapon.  Nothing in this story reflects well on anybody.

"The U.S. Intelligence Community, Flouting Laws, is Increasingly Involving Itself in Domestic Politics" (Greenwald).  Formalizing the concept of an intelligence 'consensus', even around the vaguest unprovable notions, with presumably the increased credibility that comes with multiple agencies saying the same thing, especially to be used when there is in fact no consensus.

The woke news is a trip:  "When The Narrative Replaces The News" (Sullivan).

"Krasner’s stance on Mumia won’t cost him re-election. But it will stain his reputation as a reformer." (Washington, Jr./Lindorff).  Can't they just make an administrative decision to let him out on the basis of the virus, and thus step around all the police crap?

Tweet: (Liliana Segura):

"Virginia just abolished the death penalty. Congratulations to everyone who fought for this for so long."

How are they so bad at this?

Tweet (Borzou Daragahi):

"Man who allegedly threatened to have @AgnesCallamard “taken care of” for her investigation into the abduction, torture, murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi claims he’s a human rights advocate"

"A Model for Sovereign Nations: How Muammar Gaddafi revolutionized Libya" (Titus).

"The US Continues To Smuggle Oil While Turkey Complains To Russia It Can't" (South Front).  "Western media quick to accuse Syria of 'bombing hospitals' - but when TERRORISTS really destroy Syrian hospitals, they are silent" (Bartlett).

"Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known to FBI Beforehand" (Striker):

"Research produced in Trevor Aaronson’s Terror Factory shows that the FBI’s Patriot Act counter-terrorism powers have yet to foil an organic and independent (as in, not informant driven) terror plot on US soil."

Tweet (Andy Ngô):

"I'm hearing it repeated as gospel truth that "nearly all" American mass shooters are white. Here are the photos of mass shooters from 2019 (defined as four or more shot in a single incident). It shows quite a diverse set of faces. #Boulder #Atlanta"

"Not The Onion: Bill Clinton To Host Chat With Kamala Harris On "Empowering Women"" (Watson).

Wednesday, March 24, 2021


"PATRICK LAWRENCE: The Blundering Biden Team". 

"The 'Rules-based international order' is dead & unless West finds new way to accommodate Russia & China, it will reap a whirlwind" (Diesen):

"From the Western perspective, a rules-based order requires the West to uphold liberal values and thus become a “force for good”. Blinken cautioned that “the alternative to a rules-based order is a world in which might makes right and winners take all”. For China and Russia, the unipolar era has been one where might makes right and liberal values has merely legitimised unilateralism. For example, witness how Moscow's concerns about Western military adventures in Iraq, Syria and Libya, all of questionable legality under international law, to various degrees, were ignored.

Liberal hegemony as a value-based international order contradicts the concept of a rules-based order. A rules-based system infers the consistent application of international law, while a values-based system endows the liberal hegemon with the prerogative of selective and inconsistent application of international laws and rules.

The system of liberal hegemony demonstrates that values and power cannot be decoupled. Western states, like all other nations, formulate and pursue foreign policies based on national interests, and values are adjusted accordingly. In Kosovo it was decided that self-determination was more important than territorial integrity, and in Crimea it was decided that territorial integrity was more important than self-determination.

While democracy and human rights should ideally have a place in international relations, the application of these values are always aligned with power interests. Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny is nominated for the Nobel peace price, while Julian Assange rots away in a British cell without such accolades. Washington’s abandonment of a four-decade long One-China Policy in terms of Taiwan, claims of “genocide” in Xinjian and support for the Hong Kong riots are also evidently motivated by geoeconomic rivalry. A rules-based system does not entail mutual constraints, but a system where the West as the political subject will police China and Russia as political objects."The same rules don't apply to everybody, equally. It's "asymmetrical," not symmetrical. So, when Russia intervened in Syria at Damascus' request and the US entered Syria, without Syrian or UN permission, Moscow was judged to have broken the rules."

"The Failure of Huff and Puff Foreign Policy" (Bandow).

It would be a lot easier if the Assholes didn't believe their own bullshit, but they do, so the 'norms' and the 'rules' are going to continue to get in the way of sanity, and will almost certainly lead directly to a disaster.

"Biden Backs Revival of His Brainchild: Plan Colombia 2.0 Set to Begin Next Month" (MacLeod).  Just a few years ago it seemed Colombia was on the verge of turning the corner, and losing its status as the world's most shithole country.

"More Evidence the US Fought WWII Against Great Britain" (Roberts).  Makes perfect sense.  The British Empire was finished off by WWII.  The British Empire was the colonial power in Palestine, and needed to be taken out so the Khazar genocide and land theft could proceed.  It was also in the way of the Assholian Empire.  Germany popped back to be even stronger, and is noticeably and oddly always supporting the Khazar genocide and land theft. 

Pronouns sellout/hasbeen

"Bitcoin, Easter Island-ism, and the Cowardice of Green New Dealers" (Smith): 

"The point here is simple: calling for a ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the lowest of low hanging climate change fruit. Yet the idea is nowhere to be found in the Green New Deal, which actually should come as no surprise. The Green New Deal refuses in any way to advocate for conservation, unless that “conservation” comes about via additional resource expenditure, like retrofitting buildings. Its proponents appear allergic to anything that might dimly resemble a hairshirt. They serve up the illusion that we can save the planet and keep modern civilization more or less as it is as long as we throw money at building out new “green” tech. This “no sacrifice” isn’t just wrong-headed, it’s destructive, since people who ought to know better will carry on as if no fundamental changes are needed."

"One Year to Flatten Life as we Knew it" (Slane).  One of the most obvious outrages is that they sold the lockdown on 'flattening the curve' to save the ICUs, yet once that was no longer an issue they carried on regardless, not even bothering to apologize for the lies.

"We Are Living Through a Time of Fear – Not Just of the Virus, But of Each Other" (Cook).

"Kristi Noem Mutilates Her Political Future By Blocking Ban on Transsexual Men in Women’s Sports" (Revolver):
"She might as well identify as Jeb Bush and adopt the pronouns sellout/hasbeen."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Just look through this thread of tweets from the last 24 hours and tell me if you think American liberalism is healthy (or just tell yourself in silence but with candor):"
"Twitter Won’t Say if Dehumanizing Language About Whiteness Violates Rules" (Bokhari).  Hint:  it doesn't.

Tweet (The Babylon Bee):
"Media Now Claims Shooter Was Factually Arabic But Morally White"
"Dark New Dem Bill Uses “Counter American Intelligence” To Wage War on MAGA" (Revolver).  I remain impressed with Revolver.

"Jewish paper apologises after mocking '100,000 Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers'".

"The Probe Into the Israeli Vaccine Policy and Its Outcome Is Beyond Damning" (Atzmon).  The comments are perplexed at trying to figure out the Khazar angle.  It feels like Masada.  Or did Bibi not give a fuck what happened, long- or short-term, as long as he could use the 'success' of vaccinating Jews as an election platform?

"Terrorists launch a deadly missile attack on Aleppo" (Sahiounie).  "The Day Impunity Was Punished In Idlib" (South Front).  It is encouraging to see an immediate response.

"Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN investigator".  This is a shame as we've lost her to corruption:
"Callamard, a French national, will be joining the human rights watchdog Amnesty International as secretary-general this month, according to the news report."
Much as I hate Modi, credit where credit is due, he seems to be seeking peace with both Pakistan and China:  "‘India desires cordial relations’: Modi in letter to Pakistan PM".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"The story of the night is the success of an unabashed Kahanist party – the most racist and most murderous movement in Israeli history – winning seats in the Israeli parliament for the first time in 33 years, thanks to support from Prime Minister Netanyahu:"
"Saudi Arabia Bombs Grain Port in Yemen" (DeCamp). I see no reason to take the Saudis seriously as advocates for any kind of peace.

"Welcome to Shocked and Awed 21st Century Geopolitics" (Escobar).  The 'Trash never disappoint in the trashy category:
"Mission (nearly) accomplished: Brussels diplomats tell me the EU Parliament is all but set to refuse to ratify the China-EU trade deal painstakingly negotiated by Merkel and Macron. The consequences will be immense."

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Violent white men

Tweet (Meena Harris) (and its replies) (niece of VP):

"I deleted a previous tweet about the suspect in the Boulder shooting. I made an assumption based on his being taken into custody alive and the fact that the majority of mass shootings in the U.S. are carried out by white men." 


"This Fertilizer King Funneled Cuomo $1 Million—and Got a New York Health-Care Empire" (Bredderman).  Truly a classic of the genre!  Vague Putin references, "Ukrainian-born", but nary a mention of the crux of the matter - not to mention the basis of the real Cuomo scandal which #metoo is hiding - yes, he's an (((Early Lifer))).

Nice little war crimes history:  "On 10th Anniversary of the U.S.-NATO Attack on Libya: Powerful Perpetrators Have Yet To Face Justice" (Kuzmanov).  The currency reason:  "The Reason Why NATO Demolished Libya Ten Years Ago" (Dinucci).

Tweet (Tariq Nasheed):

"Many ppl believe that the NYPD is orchestrating these random attacks on Asian using Black people who are paid "assets"..I'm not sure how true this theory is..But when suspects dressed like Blaxploitation characters, using "jive turkey" 70's dialog like this, it seems questionable"

Thread by Anita Distraction on cluelessness of Canadian officials on a supposedly more dangerous variant.  If we have to rely on Canadian bureaucrats we're all as good as dead.  The consent of the governed is built entirely on the competence of those who govern, and they have broken that pact repeatedly on this one issue.  

"Starters or Main Course" (Shamir).

"Myanmar Military Seizes George Soros Organization’s Bank Accounts, Announces Arrest Warrants After Coup" (Pappert).  It is always a comfort to find somebody who knows what is really going on.

Tweet (Andrew Perez):
"Jen Psaki just disclosed doing crisis comms for AnyVision, a facial recognition firm that reportedly helped Israel surveil Palestinians in the West Bank.… 
Read the original report on AnyVision from
"Justice still delayed in El Mozote case" (El Salvador Perspectives).

"What Is Necropolitics? The Political Calculation of Life and Death" (Verghese).

"The most invasive apps: which apps are sharing your personal data?" (Dimitrov).

Moral Guidance Department

"Sputnik V: EU Sacrifices Its Citizens by the Thousands on the Altar of Anti-Russia Point-Scoring" (MacLeod).  The Euro-trash, and their incessant appetite for shekels, should be demonstrating to Europeans that this (((nonsense))) is literally killing people. We're well past the guillotine stage.

"Walmart, Amazon and the Colonial Deindustrialisation of India" (Todhunter).

"Can Poland’s Leaders Never Learn?" (Sieff).

"Tiananmen Square, Uyghur Court: Tower Hamlets plans name changes in solidarity" (Siddique).  They must be so proud of themselves.

"Leaks show CIA pressured Yemen to release al-Qaeda leader and agency asset Anwar al-Awlaki" (Rubinstein) (read the whole thing, as it is an excellent summary of how phony the Global War On Terror actually was/is):

"The Moral Guidance Department, a branch of the Yemeni Armed Forces of the revolutionary Houthi government of Yemen, published a batch of secret documents and phone calls from the former regime of longtime president Ali Abdullah Saleh this March.

Two phone calls between former president Saleh and the former director of the CIA George Tenet were among the documents. A Yemeni government official has confirmed to me that the calls took place in 2001.

In the calls, the former CIA director can be heard pressuring Saleh to release a detained individual involved in Al Qaeda’s bombing attacks on USS Cole in October of 2000, which left 17 dead and 37 injured.

Tenet asks by Saleh’s translator about the name of the individual in question. “I don’t want to give his name over the phone,” the CIA director tells him.

Saleh notes that the FBI team tasked with the USS Cole investigation had already arrived in Sana’a, and asks Tenet if the FBI personnel could meet with him to discuss the matter. Tenet refuses, stating, “this is my person, this is my problem, this is my issue… The man must be released.”

“I’ve talked to everybody in my government; I told them that I was going to make this call,” Tenet says.

As Saleh’s translator is delivering Tenet’s message to the president, the CIA director interrupts and says that the man in question “must be released within 48 hours.”

“After 50 days, this must stop,” he says.

Major General Abdul Qadir al-Shami, the deputy-head of the Yemeni Security and Intelligence Service, confirmed to Houthi media that the person in question was dual American-Yemeni citizen imam Anwar Al-Awlaki, a top leader of al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), who was killed in Yemen in 2011 by a CIA drone strike."


"Al-Awlaki was under investigation by the FBI in 1999 and 2000 after the bureau learned he “may have been contacted by a possible procurement agent for Osama Bin Laden,” according to the 9/11 Commission Report. Additionally, al-Awlaki had “been visited by Ziyad Khaleel, an al-Qaeda operative who purchased a battery for Osama bin Laden’s satellite phone, as well as by an associate of Omar Abdel Rahman, the so-called blind Shaykh.”

Around this period of time, al-Awlaki was the vice-president of the Charitable Society for Social Welfare, a money-funneling front for al-Qaeda.

Among al-Awlaki’s most suspicious in San Diego was Omar al-Bayoumi. This figure also introduced him to al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi. In fact, al-Bayoumi met al-Midhar and al-Hazmi at Los Angeles International Airport after they arrived from Al Qaeda’s notorious “terror summit” convened in Malaysia by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Though the CIA had broken in to al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi’s hotel room in Malaysia and photographed their passports, and the two had been surveilled by three governments at the request of the CIA before showing up in San Diego, Langley neglected to inform the FBI that the two had entered the US.

Al-Bayoumi was presented in the 9/11 Commission Report merely as a good-hearted individual who wanted to help fellow Saudis al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi. However, the “28 pages” that had been left out of a joint congressional inquiry into the 9/11 attacks and were declassified 13 years later following lobbying by victims of the terrorist attacks, strongly indicate that al-Bayoumi was a Saudi intelligence officer. Additionally, former US intelligence official Richard Clarke has speculated that he was also a CIA asset. The 28 pages note that the “FBI discovered that al-Bayoumi has ties to terrorist elements as well.

Al-Bayoumi, who was on the payroll of the Saudi monarchy via a third party company, set al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi up with an apartment. That very same day, four phone calls took place between al-Bayoumi and al-Awlaki.

Another “close associate” of al-Bayoumi and yet another suspected Saudi intelligence officer — and friend of al-Mihdhar and al-Hazmi — Osama Basnan, had been investigated by the FBI in 1993 for his support for Osama Bin Laden, contacts with the Bin Laden family, and holding a party in 1992 for “Blind Sheikh” Omar Abdel Rahman – another Afghan mujahideen figure who worked with the CIA and Osama Bin Laden. The Abdel Rahman died in prison in 2017 after being convicted for a role in a supposed plot to bomb the Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge. (As detailed in Blumenthal’s “The Management of Savagery,” the plot had been manufactured by a paid FBI informant, Emad Salem).

Money sent to Basnan by members of the Saudi Royal Family had made its way into al-Bayoumi’s pockets. The two had called each other “roughly 700 times” over the period of one year. Basnan later bragged to an FBI asset that he did more to help the 9/11 hijackers than al-Bayoumi.

News reports from 2003 note how “FBI officials continue to downplay any possible culpability on the part of Omar al-Bayoumi, Anwar Al-Awlaki or Osama Basnan.” Al-Bayoumi and Basnan’s extremism was not acknowledged by US authorities until the long-withheld 28 pages were released in 2016.

During al-Awlaki’s time in San Diego, when he wasn’t getting busted for cavorting with prostitutes or starting failed business ventures, he held frequent, closed-door meetings with al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar. They continued until he embarked on what he described to reporters as a “sabbatical” through “several countries” in 2000, the year that the USS Cole was bombed.

At some point in 2001, al-Awlaki resettled in Northern Virginia, and became the imam at a local mosque. He was followed by the three hijackers: Hanjour, al-Hazmi, and al-Mihdhar. An associate of his set them up with an apartment in Alexandria. Additionally, one accused key planner of the 9/11 attacks, Ramzi bin al-Shibh, the so-called “20th hijacker” currently held in Guantanamo Bay, had al-Awlaki’s phone number in his personal contact list when his apartment was raided in the days following the attacks.

Freedom of Information Act requests have furnished the public with under-reported documents showing when the FBI investigated al-Awlaki’s Visa transactions, an entry for “Atta, Mohammed – American West Airlines, 08/13/2001, Washington, DC to Las Vegas to Miami” turned up. Mohammed Atta is widely described as the “ringleader” of the September 11 attacks."

Had this come out on September 12, 2001 it might have had political consequences.

"American planes transport a new batch of “ISIS” terrorists to Iraq." (khalediskef).

"Quantum Lunacy: Physics Professor Calls For The Abandonment Of “Quantum Supremacy” As Anti-Racism Measure" (Turley).  "Fighting Math & Other ‘Non-Tolerant Things’. the New Normal in the United States" (South Front).

To Kill a Mockingbird, famous novel by Truman Capote.