Monday, March 22, 2021


"A Wilderness of Lies" (The Z Man).  It is not Biden-as-Brezhnev, it is Biden-as-Chernenko.

"Turkey Refuses To Give Up On Its Syrian Interests" (South Front).  There has been recent chatter that the SAA and Russia may now be in a position to take out the remaining trash in Syria, and even that Turkey may be getting tired of its own attempt at land theft - the Turkish economy is a mess, and really can't afford this adventure - but it appears removing the Turks may not be that easy.

Tweet (Margot Cleveland):

"In case anyone was wondering how seriously Biden’s Civil Rights Division at DOJ considers anti-Asian discrimination, remember that the very first action it took was to ... checks notes... drop a Trump administration lawsuit alleging anti-Asian discrimination."

There is a little bit of hilarity around for those of us who appreciate watching a good Khazar PR/lie blast.  "Anti-Asian discrimination" means the shekeled and/or ((()))ed university presidents and admissions officials discriminating against otherwise qualified, and superior, Asian candidates, in favor of Khazars.  You'll be told it is 'white privilege', but that is simply a lie.  So the White Devils will be ordered to stop with the anti-Asian discrimination - stop pushing those old Asians down for mugging purposes, a famous hobby of white people - just not anti-Asian discrimination which benefits Khazars.  On an identical note:  "California has adopted an ethnic studies curriculum, but Palestine has been scrubbed out of it" (Arria).  Major Lobby action was required to repress mention of the Palestinians - the Holocaust-level danger of humanizing them - and in particular, to make sure California students never hear the true story of BDS.  You have to wonder if Cuomo and Newsom will survive politically if nobody gets too interested in (((who))) owns the New York nursing homes, and if BDS in the school curriculum stays out.

Tweet (Jon Schwarz) (everybody with half a brain knew, and the postings about it are all over the internet, at least until the no doubt upcoming Big Scrub):
"1. I bet someone $1000 that Iraq had nothing!

2. It's true *no one with a big platform* claimed Iraq had nothing.

3. That's because if you were wrong, your career would be destroyed. But if you said Iraq had WMD & were wrong, your career would flourish. Incentives went one way." 
Tweet (Rick Franconia):
"The FBI needs to find and prosecute these two "senior intelligence officials" for at the very least the unauthorized release of classified information - this is all SCI level stuff, probably TS-SCI, maybe even in a more restricted handling compartment."
This requires some unpacking. The Pentagon came up with a particularly ridiculous example of anti-Iran warmongering PR - on line exactly with Saddam using drones to attack the Assholian mainland - so this guy chimes in with the criticism that this entirely fabricated whopper would reveal to the Iranians the identity of the US spies who obtained the information!!!

"The Outsider: Jeffrey Epstein at the Dalton School" (Elder).  Woody Allen - whose perversions are in the news - set his film Manhattan at the Dalton School, and filmed it there, and was creepy there, just after Epstein left teaching there to become a 'billionaire'.
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