Friday, March 26, 2021


"QAnon now pushes alarming conspiracy myths targeting China and Jewish people" (Chabria).  'Jewish people' make the headline but barely feature in the article (basically, the anti-Chinese rhetoric is analogous to old fashioned 'Jews run the world' stories).  Since guys like Schwab and Gates are saying the quiet bits out loud, it is a bit rich for the conspiracy 'experts' to claim there is no basis for these speculations (even as the Chinese obsession of QAnon is very suspicious, and indicates it is partly an Assholian intelligence op).  We can add as background the Orwellian/Kafkaesque mess that constitutes the official western response to the pandemic.

"Bellingcaught: Who Is the Mysterious Author of Bellingcat’s Attacks on OPCW Whistleblower?" (Maté).  So was York also working for the British government, and some bureaucrat decided to fold York's work into the Bellingcat PR product?  And is a lot of this being run, somehow, out of the BBC?

"Biden takes questions from mostly pre-selected reporters at first formal press conference as POTUS" (Wulfsohn). You can see why it took this long to have a press conference, and why it will be a long while until the next one.  The Dems are still purporting to be happy with him, but they really have to be grading on a curve.

Post-press-conference speculation from Mahncke and Cernovich on the first-world problems of President Harris.

"Russian President Putin has done ‘terrible things’ & doesn’t care ‘what Western world thinks of him,’ says Canadian PM Trudeau" (Tickle).  The small, tinny, staticky, echo chamber of the Assholes, just a fart in the wind, or, as Putin so eloquently put it recently - 'he who smelt it, dealt it'.

"Iran Looks To Expand Oil Influence In Africa Through New Pipeline" (Watkins).  Using Iraq as a front.  Jordan is still a bit miffed at the Khazars, and some of this may be closer to threats than a real likelihood.

"Turkey, Ukraine press forward with plans for two-front anti-Russian proxy war" (Rozoff).  Eastern Ukraine is the 'in' (((they)))'ve picked for WWIII.

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