Tuesday, March 30, 2021

All about them

"Christians Are White Supremacist Extremists" (Giraldi). Gab (Official Dad of Gab):

"Even if I did believe that the Holocaust happened (I don't), I wouldn't give a shit if people denied it.

Jews managed to take a war that killed 85 million people, mostly white Europeans, and make it all about them.

They've milked it for victim points even as they remain the most powerful ethnic group in the world, and they've used it to justify their inexcusable hatred and aggression towards whites.

So yeah, even if their 6 million lie is true I don't give a fuck. How dare they act like their lives matter more than anyone else's?"

Eichmann was just a tool of the Rothschilds: "Banality of Evil in Neo-fascist Times" (Iqbal).  I wonder how much better things might have gone in the German war effort had Eichmann just told the Rothschilds to go to hell.  The Germans would have lost some production from slave labor camps, but would have also saved a lot of resources which might have been used to win the war.  Had they won the war first, they then could have decided what to do with any internal traitors or 'dual loyalists'.
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