Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Because of greed, my friends

"How Netanyahu brought Israel's biggest racists seats - and legitimacy - in parliament" (Sheen).  "Israel elections: Itamar Ben Gvir, the Jewish supremacist on the rise" (Cook).  As bad as this is, it is a kind of truth in advertising, as it become more and more difficult for the Khazars to hide what what the Zionist project is really about.

"Americans… ‘Know Your Enemy’" (McKinney).  Win-win versus win-lose.  Guess which side Assholia is on.

A remarkable display of violence against a person who is presumably a stranger, and with no motive of mugging:  "Elderly Asian Woman Attacked On New York Street . . . Security Guard Responds By Closing Door" (Turley) (more details).  Is this coming out of the obvious anti-Chinese racism of the entire Assholian government, or is there a more specific stirring up of black people from some unidentified media outlets?  Got him (with the twist of matricide)!

From December:  "Lockdowns Do Not Control the Coronavirus: The Evidence".  I think it is closer to say that half-assed lock downs don't work.  Texas and Florida are crowing about being completely 'open',  but give it a couple weeks.

As a Canadian, I rarely get to say 'we're number one!':  "Canada's nursing homes have worst record for COVID-19 deaths among wealthy nations: report" (Ireton).  Canada is paying for its inability to manufacture vaccines, and there is a reason for that:  "Connaught Labs — the greatest mistake ever made by a Canadian government" (Thomas) (McQuaig).  Sold for a pittance - no doubt to generate funds for tax cuts for the 1% - and then allowed to fritter away by the purchaser, who no doubt bought it mostly to eliminate the competition.  It is a little weird that the same company is now the one the government has picked to open a Canadian manufacturing facility.

"Cuba Libre to be COVID-Libre: Five Vaccines and Counting…" (Yaffe).  Tweet (Vik Sohonie):

"Cuba has FOUR vaccine candidates. Put some respect on the Cuban medical and science community. Four vaccines with nowhere near the resources of Europe, the US, or even India, all produced under a medieval siege."

"NEW - Superseding Indictment hits Ghislaine Maxwell with charges for "sex trafficking of a minor" (Techno Fog).  I still think this is all a trick, but if the prosecution is at all sincere this may be an attempt to get around the all-inclusive plea agreement that Dersh got for Epstein.

"AIPAC’s failure gives Biden a lane for Iran deal, if he has the spine" (Weiss).  AIPAC is weaker, but Biden still enjoys a good shekel.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"Buried down the sixth paragraph of UK state broadcaster BBC's sensationalist non-story: 

"According to Nato... the Russian military aircraft never entered its member states' airspace.""

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