Monday, March 01, 2021

Blessed is the man who opens fire

"Israeli Settlements Breed More and More Jewish Terrorist Organizations" (Al-A’raj).  "The “hero” who murdered 29 Palestinians" (Abunimah).  "The massacre of Ibrahimi Mosque" (Yasin).  Tweet (anna/аня):

"israeli children are taught to count with tanks and military aircrafts"

I'm going to enjoy the hilarity if Israel's blatant breach of international law in failing to supply vaccines to the Palestinians results in the Palestinians having better health results: "Hot Off the Press: Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Admits Israel Is the 'World's Lab.'" (Atzmon).  Of course, Bibi is basing his entire election campaign on the 'success' of this experiment, meaning that any data from Israel will be very unreliable until after the Israeli election.

Tweet (Mike Prysner):

"Taliban won the war 10yrs ago. Everyday since has been delaying the inevitable: US exit & Taliban government. A lot of pointless death over imperial hubris & political cowardice. Biden can either restart a full-intensity ground war (which he’ll also lose) or finally admit defeat."

"Biden Says US Will ‘Never’ Accept Russia’s Annexation of Crimea" (DeCamp).

"Biden Admits He Won't Sanction MbS Simply Because Saudis Remain "Our Allies"" (Durden).  This is exactly what Trump said, though Trump was naturally clearer about the arms sales.

"America Offers Warning to the World: War Is Health of the State and Death of Liberty" (Bandow):
"A new study from Brown University’s Watson Institute found that between 2018 and 2020 the US backed surrogate forces in combat in four countries, unleashed air and/or drone strikes in seven, engaged in combat operations in eight, undertook military exercises in 41, and participated in military training in 79. All of these were labeled "counter-terrorism" operations."
"Biden too Cognitively Impaired to Fulfill White House Duties" (Lendman).  "Did Joe Biden pull another gaffe in Texas? POTUS fumbles before signing relief bill: 'What am I doing here?'" (Dey).

"Iran pushes back at US overreach on nuclear issue" (Bhadrakumar).  Iranian liberals still hold out hope, in the face of Joe's Khabinet.

"Nicolas Sarkozy found guilty in historic corruption trial of former French president" (Cuthbertson).

Tweet (Madame Boukman - Justice 4 Haiti):
"US Diplomat Helen La Lime - Head colonizer of the UN neocolonial "Integrated Office" in #Haiti claimed only 3000 people protested on Feb 14, to justify support for her unconstitutional puppet. 

Here's the massive crowd today chanting, "Helen La Lime does not know how to count!""
"NYTimes Peru N-Word, Part One: Introduction" (McNeil Jr.).  TwoThree:
"To me, it appeared a blatant conflict of interest for the Times to let its contract negotiators also discipline the union’s negotiators. It felt like an attempt to intimidate the union."
Four.  As you might expect, the JYT does a sort of amateur theatrical production of 1984.

"Are Declassed Professionals in the United States like Surplus Song Dynasty Civil Servants?" (Studebaker).  You could see 'woke culture' as a similar attempt to try to take control of a shitty world.  Young people have it worse, and thus dish out a more lethal dose, so you can predict that things are going to devolve even more as these people start running things.  It looks to me like the JYT management had it in for McNeil due to his union work.

Tweet (Friendly Whale Shark Jackson):
"Local teenagers BTFO liberal utilitarianism with this one weird trick."
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