Friday, March 19, 2021

Boss around

How's it going in Anchorage?  (((Blinken))) went in with PR guns blazing, but the Chinese decided to fight back with a truth barrage.  Tweets by Nick Schifrin.  "China: The U.S. Is Too Weak To Boss Us Around Now" ('Hunter Wallace').  "U.S. Aggressiveness Will Accelerate Its Demise" (Moon).

"How China Won the Middle East Without Firing a Single Bullet" (Baroud).

"'Down Goes Biden' - Watch President Fall-Up The Stairs To Air Force One" (Durden).  Assholes seem to requite their Presidents to climb these steps often, as a test of continued fitness to govern, sort of like being able to pull a sword out of a stone.  Since I doubt Biden could manage it without Jill to drag him up, this could be the double.  [Added:  I note they've amended the Durden piece to add the excuse that it was the wind, like one of those stunt weathermen covering a hurricane].

Tweet (Elon Musk) (and responses).

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