Monday, March 08, 2021

By a drone from the sea

"The Right to Live in Peace" (Prashad).

"Ruling on Murder Case by Judge Suffering From Dementia Will Stand, Court Says" (Sexton).  Judicial senility is not the can of worms they want to open.

"Urban Dictionary Bans "Blue Anon" Entry Defining Liberal Conspiracy Theorists; Google Censors Search" (Durden) (also).  Tweet (RyeLibertarian) (Google search is now comical):

"Quite a difference between searching Google and DuckDuckGo for "Blue Anon" #blueanon"

"The mystery of Azerbaijan’s missing army chief" (Natiqqizi).  It seems there were more consequences for the winner of the war than the losers (although he seems to have been disappeared when the outcome was still in question).

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The imperial arrogance of the US government is mind-blowing. It was the US that sabotaged the nuclear deal with Iran, and the Biden admin has done nothing to try to save it.

On the contrary, Secretary of State Antony Blinken is clearly trying to destroy the deal, then blame Iran"
Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"Cute. @joebiden and @KamalaHarris fly their heavy bombers over the West Bank as a show of support for Israel’s occupation, colonization and apartheid. #SharedValues"
"France: What is the ‘Islamo-leftism’ debate really about?" (Benoist).

The undisputed world champion of being the subject of people, usually (((people))), trying to promote their own political hobbyhorses:  "Wagnermania" (Shields).

"Settlers' Attacks on Jerusalemites: A Systematic Policy of Displacement".

Khazars versus BLM:  "Israeli ambassador seeks to exploit Black struggle in US" (Brown).

""We'll Level Tel Aviv": Iran Responds To Israel 'Preparing' Strike Plans Against Nuclear Sites" (Durden).  

"Eastern Ukraine On Brink Of New Attempt Of Kiev Forces’ Offensive" (South Front).  Lots of signs that one of the big options is to start WWIII through eastern Ukraine.  Attacks on civilians by the neo-Nazis, forcing Putin to defend them, and so on.  It avoids a lot of the trauma of a WWIII started through Iran (however, such an attack on Iran may be more shekelicious).

"Putin & Assad's Revenge: Ballistic Missiles Pummel "Stolen" Syrian Oil Convoy & Refinery" (Durden).  Oil stealing requires a lot of easily-bombable infrastructure.

"Attack on world’s largest crude terminal in Saudi Arabia sends oil surging to 13-month high".  The Saudis really need higher oil prices, so a bald assertion of attack "by a drone from the sea" helps them.  Of course, the Houthis really are attacking elsewhere.

"French Jew Billionaire War Profiteer and Politician Dassault Dies in Helicopter Crash" (Anglin).

"100 Days Later, the Farmers' Protest is Alive, Well and Gaining Momentum" (Kumar).  Reminds me of (((media))) lies about the petering out of the Yellow Vests (who were finally repressed by the pandemic, though they are still around).

Tweet (Joe Catron):
"I have nothing against Meghan Markle, who seems nice enough. I also can’t get agitated over someone choosing to join one of the bloodiest institutions in the history of the world, then finding it to be Problematic, Actually."
Most of this is the fallout from when a son realizes his grandmother murdered his mother.

Gab (Pepe Lives Matter) (obvious hand gesture at the end of the video - from 0:16 on):
"Who else remembers when Prince Harry openly displayed [their] symbolism when he met with Melania?"
"Humanitarian Imperialism" (MacLeod).  R2P + (((media))).

"Social Media Microtargeting and the Evolving Ministry of Truth" (Diego).  "Russian Disinformation to Undermine US Mass-Jabbing for Covid?" (Lendman).  "Immunity Passports: Does Social Solidarity Only Count When It Gets Us Back to the Pub?" (Cook).  From a comment by Trial by Wombat (my emphasis in red):
"This seems geared in part to lay the groundwork for rapidly expanding mRNA utilization into other medical applications, utilizing Covid as the bridge to justify the bypass of certain long-term testing protocols. If all of the documentation-frei assertions about the efficacy of the mRNA Covid treatments are even treated as ‘mostly’ accurate, no hazard exists from the unvaccinated to anyone who has accepted the inoculation. By their own efficacy claims, they have nothing to fear.

The artificially vaccinated assert that they will allegedly become immune and no longer capable of contracting or spreading the virus, yet are being whipped to harbor a bizarre anger at those who they assert cannot harm or impact the inoculated.

To strategize over how to best punish or enforce compulsory obedience makes no sense from a standpoint of legitimate public health policy, because most of the holdouts have already had the virus anyway, and are likely more immune-protected that those clamoring for injections.

I think part of this seemingly ‘irrational’ hostility to the un-innoculated, is that it actually has a rational component if you look under the hood.

When this course of lunacy is looked at in hindsight, you will find that large masses of society effectively lived their lives without any meaningful direct assistance throughout the course of this travesty, hampered not in any way by the ‘virus’, but instead harmed by the tyrannical maniacs placed into power over them by “Sacred Two Party System Inc.” (close relative of Michelle Malkin’s Con Inc).

When – years from now – Globocorp is seeking to speed unrelated mRNA treatments into distribution for a generous campaign donor, or when you are putting out compulsory lists of ‘subjects’ who are now required to schedule their next regular, mandated ‘booster’ shot,

would you want the living reminder of a large pool of readily comparable people who never took any ‘vaccine’ and cleared their own infections, living their lives as normal, or do you prefer a society of the fearfully grateful, certain that they were ‘saved’ by the hand of miraculous Government RNA?"
Part of the reply by Dumbo:
"What they really want is a massive human guinea pig testing of the new mRNA technology, and establishing the precedent or the “right” to use it for any other purposes. It will become common as pill-popping, to use it to “enhance” or “modify” our bodies, by means of hacking the mRNA to produce whatever they want. It is not a “vaccine”, it is a change of paradigm. A start of genetic manipulation on demand. Transhumanism."
I guess in a few years we'll find out the results of the experiment:  "Vaccine Diabolus and the Impending Wave of Rare Neurodegenerative Disorders" (Whitney).  From a comment by Barack Obama's secret Unz account:
"Even if we ignore my conspiratorial insinuation, it seems clear that COVID-19 was a godsend to Moderna, and presumably BioNTech as well. A fortune has been spent developing mRNA, but it’s never been safe enough for sale. Now that safety concerns are thrown out the window, those investments can be recouped. One wonders how generous they’ve been to politicians over the last year – that is to say, how open their generosity has been. Perhaps a reporter who knows how to find out these things might be interested in finding out."
Humbert Humbert notes that Classen may not be a reliable source.  Unfortunately, the 'Resistance' is comprised almost entirely of anti-vaxxers, who are conveniently, for Big Pharma, self-refuting.

"Blind Items Revealed #5 - Reader Blind" (CDaN).  There seems to be an attempt to get Greta back in the spotlight, so this could be the bizarre creation of a publicist.
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