Monday, March 08, 2021

Car battery explosion

"Revealed: The UK supported the coup in Bolivia to gain access to its ‘white gold’" (Kennard).  The lithium coup.  Btw, the fact China has control over the supply of most rare earths is one of the main reasons why all the China Talk won't result in WWIII against China.

"No, Elon Musk Did Not Die in a Car Battery Explosion" (Evon).  CDaN (if true, he will soon wish he was dead).

'Ethics', goyim (an Early-Lifer, and lauded in his field):  "Video: ‘Ethics’ Prof. Says Americans Will Take Vaccine In Exchange For Return Of Freedom" (Watson).  "The New Normal (Phase 2)" (Hopkins).

"PURE MARXISM: Prosecutor Argues Pro-Trump “Shaman” Jacob Chansley Should NOT Be Released Because He Might ‘Push False Claims of Election Fraud” Once Released" (Hoft).  The Assholian police state is treating the Capitol tourists as if they were Muslims.

"Biden Iran envoy boasted of depriving civilians of food, driving up Iranian inequality in sadistic sanctions manual" (Blumenthal).

Tweet (Max Ajl):

"‘Saudi Arabia’ meaning the US is bombarding residential neighborhoods in one of the poorest countries of the world while a clique of nudniks on this site debates kabbalah about China. Yes I very much think that some of your unhealthy obsessions about China are a class position"

Tweet (Aaron Maté) (Bellingcat has never grasped that his critics are much smarter than his idiot employers at NATO):
"To prove that Bellingcat exposes war crimes from US-UK ally Saudi Arabia, Eliot cites the article below as an example. 

Here's what it concludes: "However there is no hard evidence that Saudi jets or any other member of the Saudi-led coalition responsible for the attacks." "
Another example of the recent bizarre phenomenon of woke psychopathy:  "NATO Video Talks ‘Diversity, Respect, Embrace’ But Critics See Through the Wash Job" (MacLeod).

"Exposed: How British state tries to weaponise Russian-speakers in Baltics as ‘agents of change’ in operation to ‘weaken’ Moscow" (Klarenberg).  Part of the exhausting list of British warmongering PR.

"MI5 involvement in drone project revealed in paperwork slip-up" (Sabbagh).  The serious problem of keeping your bugs charged.

"Iran-Russia Relationship: Requisites for Transition from Meager Tactical Actualities to Actualization of Deep Strategic Potentials" (Tajik).  Interesting for the history of Russia-Iran relations.

"Washington Has Been Asking the Wrong Question on North Korea" (interview with Lee).  Stop fretting about the nukes and end the war!

"An Unpleasant Reminder of the US Defeat" (Asmolov).  Spies.

"The curious case of a CIA contractor accused of terrorism in Venezuela who claims he was on a boating holiday" (Secker).

The diary hunt:  "When Ben Bradlee and James Angleton Obstructed Justice" (Hornberger).  I'd be surprised if the CIA doesn't still have it.
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