Tuesday, March 02, 2021

Comically large

"More Suggestions for Dealing with Israel" (Giraldi).  All very sensible (so no chance of it happening).  Needless to say, dual nationality - which is never 'dual'! - should be illegal (duh!).  Until then, anyone holding an Israeli passport (or, for that matter, any other foreign passport), whether in 'journalism' or politics, or bureaucracy, should be forced in public to wear a very large (comically large would be ideal) Star of David.  Any writing or broadcasting by such people should be similarly identified (large Stars of David both before and after the headline).  (((Newpapers))) should have large Stars of David on each side of the masthead, and (((television))) and (((websites))) should have constant identification on the screen (ownership, any one director, or any one senior officer would qualify).  This is just common sense.  If it were me, I'd apply this to all Jews, but I understand that this might be considered to be a bit excessive.  There is no reasonable way to disagree with these steps for Israeli passport holders.  All these steps should be applied to anyone who has ever held an Israeli passport, as otherwise they will temporarily dump them to avoid detection (even so, they will no doubt create a new generation of 'clean' liars and propagandists, with no traceable Israeli passports, and I can even see Israel issuing secret passports).  Quibblers should remember just how much damage (((these people))) have done in warmongering/genocidal PR.  The damage is so huge it is incomprehensible. Knowing the motives of the (((liars))) and (((manipulators))) is necessary.

The Weiss article linked by Giraldi is instructive in understanding the slight chilliness in current relations with Israel (more revenge of Barry by Weiss here).  (((Rhodes))) wouldn't be saying these things without authorization from Barry, and it all goes back mostly to Bibi's endorsement of Romney, a mistake which continues to burn.  The Democrats will still take the shekels, but Bibi is an issue, and I can actually see Bibi losing the Israeli election to remove this blockage from the usual pure Khazar supremacist agenda of Assholia.

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