Sunday, March 28, 2021


Druthers, an Ontario-based anti-vax/anti-lockdown/anti-reset newspaper. 

Thread by Heywood Floyd on the cancel culture techniques of the Stasi, and how they seem familiar.

"‘Concerned’ Washington demands Bolivia release former ‘interim’ President Anez and other officials accused of orchestrating a coup".  Somebody in Bolivia should respond with a letter expressing concern with how the Capitol tourists are being treated.

"‘So proud to have a woman justifying mass murder!’ Secretary of State Blinken roasted for calling Albright his role model".  Makes perfect (((sense))).

"White House weighs temporarily lifting intellectual property shield on Covid-19 vaccines" (Tausche/Pramuk).  Excellent idea, so very unlikely.

"Gazprom: Nord Stream 2 Construction To Be Completed In 2021" (Kennedy).

All that NATO money has lead to an incredible display of wrongdoing, with subsequent efforts to cover up the wrongdoing leading to even more wrongdoing:  "Western govt contractor entrapped British scholar in sting operation to cover up Syria corruption scandal" (Norton).

"Harvard punishes professor who had ties to Jeffrey Epstein" (Binkley).  Bizarre 'punishment', sort of a time-out.  "Pissing on Pedestrians" (Bennett-Jones).

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