Sunday, March 14, 2021


"Sex-Abuse Accusations Roil French Establishment" (Dalton/Bisserbie):

"The book comes as France has been grappling with a troubling idea that arose in the wake of the student protests of May 1968. The movement emboldened some prominent intellectuals to argue that allowing adults to have sex with children advances the cause of sexual liberty and challenges the bourgeois order. 

In 1977, a petition signed by dozens of luminaries such as Jean-Paul Sartre, Roland Barthes and Ms. Kouchner’s own father—the former foreign minister Bernard Kouchner who founded Doctors Without Borders—criticized French authorities for keeping three men accused of molesting 13 and 14-year-olds in prison for three years. 

The petition argues that children have the discernment to consent to sex. “Three years for some caresses and kisses, that’s enough,” the petition concludes. Mr. Kouchner has since disavowed the petition. 

“It was nonsense,” Jack Lang, a former culture minister who signed the petition, said last month. “It was after 1968 and we were carried away by a false vision of liberty.” 

Early in 2020, the author of the petition, the novelist Gabriel Matzneff, who has admitted to having sex with children, was accused in a memoir by Vanessa Springora, a book editor, of carrying on a sexual relationship with her when she was 14 and he was 50. The memoir caused an uproar and prompted French prosecutors to open an investigation into Mr. Matzneff. 

A lawyer for Mr. Matzneff didn’t respond to a request for comment. He hasn’t disavowed the petition. 

Under French law, rape is defined as any act of sexual penetration committed by violence, coercion, threat or surprise. Yet unlike in the U.S. or most European countries, there is no presumption of coercion if a minor is involved 

After the allegations against Mr. Duhamel became public, Mr. Macron vowed to act quickly. Lawmakers from his party this month proposed to end the possibility for adults accused of raping a child younger than 15 to defend themselves by arguing that the child consented."

"You are Now Seeing the Beginnings of the Normalization of Pedophilia" (Anglin) (use Tor or Blaze for the onion link):
"Pedophilia was effectively normalized when they started with the child tranny movement. The child tranny movement did two things:
  •     Institutionalized the idea that prepubescent children are sexual beings
  •     Institutionalized the idea that they can give “consent” to actions relating to sexuality
From those two assumptions, you come to the place where this magic of consent is transferred to the child, and it is just a matter of playing it out.

They are doing that now."
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