Friday, March 19, 2021

COVID Class War

Tweets by Bryan MacDonald:

"Vladmir Putin ups the ante in his personal spat with Joe Biden by suggesting a live-broadcast discussion.

He appears to be questioning the US President's lucidity and ability to engage in such a debate. 

This is probably a sign that Moscow is going to push the line that Biden's mental faculties are not quite all there, and he's not fit for office. 

Expect more of this." 

"The COVID Class War Heats Up" (Lind) (my emphasis in red):
"The COVID epidemic is the worst in a century, killing half a million Americans already. But context is necessary in every matter of public policy. According to WebMD, only 16.4% of fatalities have been among those aged 45-64, while under-45 victims amount to only 2.5%. The insistence by the mainstream center left on more than a year of strict on-again, off-again general lockdowns and the denunciation of those who questioned them never reflected “the science.” It merely reflected the nonrational preference of technocratic progressive political culture for more stringent and comprehensive government policies, rather than more limited and selective ones that still would have protected those members of society who were in fact at the greatest risk—namely, people over 65, and those with preexisting conditions that depressed their immune systems."
We're also suffering under a huge sunk costs and reputational problem too.  Once they decided on a modified but stringent lockdown - modified solely to protect the profits of big corporations, including squeezing out all competition from smaller operators (and yes, this was utterly intentional) - and the consequent destruction of the economy and society, to very limited positive effect on the pandemic, if any, the same incompetent and crooked decision makers could not ever return to sanity without everybody questioning the original mistakes.

War is everything; everything is war: "The Russian Hydra" (Robinson).

"Day of the Drone: We Need an International Convention on Drones" (Hallinan).

"How the US military subverted the Afghan peace agreement to prolong an unpopular war" (Porter).  The incentives - career trajectory, post-career sinecure with a military contractor, shekels - all point away from reasonable, professional behavior, and toward warmongering.  There's General Milley again, who has a lot to answer for.  Not obeying the Commander-in-chief  is treason+.
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