Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Crime against humanity on an unconceivable scale

"What Biden and Blinken don't want to tell Americans about Afghanistan" (Andelman) (Early Lifer, natch). Tweet (Ajamu Baraka):

"Some think I am harsh on the Clinton News Network (CNN) but look at the pro-state propaganda they push. The U.S. public should be demanding that the U.S. support peace agreement & get out of Afghanistan but CNN hacks are pushing for continued war:"

"Senior U.S. Official Acknowledges Washington Has Spent $143 Billion to Destroy Its Own Government in Afghanistan" (Sieff).

"The Intellectually Superior Perpetual Victim Again on Display" (Giraldi).

"The Sources Who Lie And The Reporters Who Protect Them" (Techno Fog).  There is a tape but they rely on a self-styled witness who claims to have heard the tape, but then they don't ask to hear the tape?  I call that collusion.  I note that efforts to get Trump in jail continue even as the basis of  evidence of wrongdoing evaporates.

"The Lockdown, the Vaccine, and the Corruption Endemic in Modern Democracy" (Anglin).  I think this reply by Rancid contains the plan:
"The outcome, intentional or not, appears to be that these vaccines are switching off our widespread immune system that reacts to everything to just targeting preprogrammed specific viral strains. I assume then we will actually need constant vaccination “updates” to keep at bay what our body did by itself. If so the profits will be mind blowing, they could make central banking look like a kids money box. Of course it is a crime against humanity on an unconceivable scale, but lets recall most of us are begging to be vaccinated. As hideous as it is clever."
"Biden Says Putin A "Killer", "Doesn't Have A Soul" After US Intel Assesses 'Interference'" (Durden).  Tweets by Bryan MacDonald:
"In a major escalation, Joe Biden says that he believes Vladimir Putin is "a killer." The US President warns the Kremlin will "pay a price" for alleged US election meddling, but Moscow insists US spy agency claims are just a pretext for more sanctions.
As the late, great, Stephen Cohen used to point out, in @KatrinaNation's @thenation, these sort of personal attacks didn't happen during the Cold War, when leaders in Washington & Moscow kept some measure of decorum. This is a new phenomenon, driven by the American side."
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