Saturday, March 13, 2021

Deeply saddened

The 'Trash in Denmark are determined to fight that rascal Putin until the last dead Dane:  "Europe Suspends Use of AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine: Denmark Silent About Using Sputnik " (Ridenour). The Danish PM did have time to participate in Bibi's reelection campaign.

"Vaccinating Palestinians only when it serves Israel" (Murphy).  The (((media))) is naturally suggesting that all Palestinians are now being vaccinated.

"Jordan Rips Into Israel PM for ‘Toying With Region for Electoral Gains’".  I'm going to assume Bibi's new extreme-right-wing coalition partners put the kibosh on the mosque visit.

"The Lebanese crisis is directed against Syrian reconstruction: says Dr. Jamal Wakim" (Sahiounie interview of Wakim).  Freezing Syrian money that could be used for reconstruction.

Still stringing everybody along:  "U.S. engaged in indirect diplomacy with Iran, says White House adviser" (Rothschilds).

"State Department suggests US can’t thwart ‘virtually complete’ Russian gas pipeline to Germany" (Gehrke).

"Ten Problems With Biden’s Foreign Policy – and One Solution" (Benjamin/Davies).

"The myth of the 'lesser evil': Why US progressives back Biden" (Massad).  There is a lot of truth in the right-wing trope that Assholian 'progressives' are just people who refuse to own up to the usual Assholian Evil.

"Sixteen Countries Push Back Against US Sanctions at UN" (DeCamp).

Tweet (Dimitri Lascaris) (the Freeland version - everybody in the Canadian government loves shekels):

"The human rights priorities of @marcgarneau are confined to the West's official enemies. 

He can't bring himself to utter a peep about atrocities committed by the criminal regimes of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Egypt, UAE or the U.S. - human rights abusers allied with Canada. 
Sadly, not The Onion:  "Hertz "deeply saddened" that it took 5 years to find the receipt to free an innocent man" (Frauenfelder).
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