Friday, March 05, 2021

Demonic ass

"Some Doggie Stories: Even Companion Animals Are Being Politicized" (Giraldi).

"Biden renews US “state of emergency” against Venezuela" (Van Auken).  "An unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States", in the 'setting a bad example of socialist success' category.

"Mali, Emirates facilitated Venezuelan gold trade in 2020, opposition says" (Rothschilds).

"President Maduro: Venezuela Raises Flags of Freedom with Mother Africa – Meanwhile Uganda’s Bobi Wine Meets with ‘President’ Guaidó" (Wine was trying to become yet another CIA asset, or, more likely, confirming his fealty as an already established CIA asset):

"Many individuals, organizations and media in Africa and around the world had seen Wine as a fresh progressive alternative for Uganda, but with this Twitter post Bobi Wine revealed his true colors and confirmed that he isn’t at all what the left had hoped for.

Margaret Kimberley commented the following on Wine’s tweet: “You know that Guaidó is the US puppet trying to overthrow the elected president Maduro. Whatever you were promised in exchange for this treachery will do you no good. Your reputation will never recover from this outrageous act.”

Among other expressions of anger and discontent, Q Anthony (@andraydomise) wrote: “Way to flush all that goodwill down the drain just to play a sock-puppet.”"

"US ‘virtual ambassador’ to Venezuela hosts insurrectionist summit ahead of Biden’s Guaidó recognition" (Parampil/Blumenthal).

"How Pfizer is Bullying Latin America" (Viable Opposition).

"López Obrador – Greasing the Skids for Mexico’s Naughty President" (Karganovic).  Even pretending to do the right thing runs you afoul of the Assholes!

He's the Brian Mulroney of South America!:   tweet (Kawsachun News):

"Under Lenin Moreno's leadership, his party's share of the vote fell by 97%."

Woke warmongering degeneracy:  tweet (The Wall Street Journal):

"President Biden had ordered airstrikes on two sites in Syria last week but called one off after receiving last-minute intelligence that a woman and children were in the area"

We only hear about the bombings they are trying to make a big point of (I have to assume for special bonus bags of shekels):  "Trump and Biden’s Secret Bombing Wars" (Benjamin/Davies).

"Biden's "Nothing Will Fundamentally Change" Promise Extends To His Foreign Policy" (Moon):

"There will be no new JCPOA with Iran nor will there be any win for the U.S. in the Middle East. North Korea will continue to test bombs and missiles. The U.S. will continue to be stuck in Afghanistan. The Chinese-Russian alliance will strengthen. U.S. allies will further distance themselves from it."

"Biden becomes the fourth successive President to bomb Iraqis: how far could this latest round of escalation go?" (Mirzaei):

"With this latest round of escalation, one wonders what will happen next? Of course I’m just speculating but I see some real dangers with tensions running this high. I believe that Washington could very well seek to push Iraq into a new civil war in a bid to eradicate the Hashd al-Sha’abi. Many of the groups within the PMU have threatened to wage war on US forces if Washington refuses to withdraw. Unfortunately, this threat by the PMU can easily be exploited by the US, giving Washington a casus belli, as they intensify their “defensive” airstrikes while claiming to support Baghdad’s campaign to bring “stability” to Iraq. Such an endeavour could risk dragging several regional countries into the conflict as the Islamic Republic could be forced to intervene on behalf of the Iraqi Resistance forces. It is clear that Washington cannot and will not attack Iran directly, such an adventure would be too risky for the crazies in the White House and Pentagon. However, fighting “Iranian backed” forces and rolling back Iranian influence could serve to both solidify the continued US occupation of Iraq in the short term, and prevent the Resistance forces from achieving complete victory, in the mid-to-long term. In order to manufacture consent, Washington must portray their actions as both “defensive” and in service of “stability and peace”. Having others fight Washington’s wars for them is a speciality for the Empire. This is why I believe the most likely scenario to be one where Washington attempts to pit Baghdad against the PMU, then sweep in to “help” Baghdad “preserve stability”. This strategy has been used in different ways before by the Obama regime when it unleashed the Daesh terrorist group in Iraq, then claimed to fight the same terrorists it had armed and trained, in a bid to continue their occupation of Iraq and pressure pro-Iran PM Nouri Al-Maliki to resign. Obama then did the same thing in Syria with the support of Kurdish militants in a bid to pressure Damascus into concessions. Trump continued on the same path but went even further when his administration began using phony attacks on “US interests” in Iraq as a pretext for direct confrontation with the PMU, a path that ultimately led to the murder of Martyrs Soleimani and Al-Muhandis. The then-secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that Washington had acted to “stabilize” Iraq with the murder of these “terrorists” who were “hated among Iraqis”.

Iraq is key to the Resistance Axis and cannot fall into enemy hands. It is however also the most vulnerable of the countries where the Resistance forces are active, as not only does Washington have great influence over Baghdad, but also over the Kurdish autonomous region in the north.

Supporting Kurdish independence is another way that Washington could seek to attack the Resistance Axis. This can be seen in Syria as well where the Kurdish militants are acting as excellent proxy troops for Washington, occupying about a third of the country and helping US forces in the looting of Syrian oil. Kurdish parties also have excellent ties to the Zionist entity in Tel Aviv, as Zionist chieftain Netanyahu has on several occasions been a vocal supporter of Kurdish independence, often likening the Kurdish people’s cause with the Zionist one. The reactionary Kurdish parties, who are too ignorant and too greedy to understand and realize that they are being used as cannon fodder to further US imperial ambitions, will be more than happy to wage war on Syria and Iraq with US support behind them."

"Continued Israeli airstrikes on Syria are testing Moscow’s patience, Jerusalem would do well not to poke the Russian bear" (Ritter) (Lavrentiev is the special envoy of the president of Russia to Syria, so the warning is from Putin himself):

"By declaring that Russia’s “cup of patience” will soon run out regarding Israel’s actions in Syria, Alexander Lavrentiev has made it clear that Israel can no longer assume Russian inaction in the face of continued attacks on Iranian targets inside Syria. The question is whether Israel believes Russia is bluffing, or whether it can defeat any Russian actions in response to continued air strikes in Syria. In this, Israel would do well to reflect on Russia’s recent history, “bluffing” is not part of the lexicon. It would likewise do well to consider the potential repercussions of what Russian “retaliation” and “escalation of violence” might entail. Russia recognizes that a solution to the problems of Syria will only come after a lengthy period of diplomacy and political change. By threatening Israel with violence, Russia is sending a signal that Israel would do well to embrace the same logic. While there may be no military solution to the Syrian puzzle, there could very well be military consequences for any Israeli miscalculation."

"Glenn Greenwald Describes Tucker Carlson, Bannon, and 2016-Era Trump as Right-Wing ‘Socialists’" (Richardson).  The rationale:

 "I think the vision is, you know, you have this kind of right wing populism, which really is socialism, that says we should close our borders, not allow unconstrained immigration, and then take better care of our own working class people, and not allow this kind of transnational, global, corporatist elite to take everything for themselves under the guise of neoliberalism."

Tweet (woke pmc).  It is funny how the right-left dichotomy has taken control of our brains.

"Kids Now 10 Times More Likely to Die from Suicide than COVID, Tucker Reveals in Devastating Monologue" (McLoone).  Don't fret, the new variant from Brazil will fix this.

Why is it that a publication called The American Conservative is often far to the left of Biden and the Dems?:  "Joe Biden’s Persecution Of Julian Assange" (Carpenter).

There's lots of reasons to believe that the real reason for the Cuomo attacks isn't #metoo, but protection of long term care home operators.  (((They))) are also still pissed about efforts to stop Orthodox superspeading.

"Novichok? What Novichok? New US sanctions urge Russia to destroy chemical weapons stockpile, but Kremlin insists it already has".  Pretty ballsy for the Assholes to bring this up in the middle of a pandemic caused by Assholian biowarfare.  Also:  "OPCW Marks Completion of Destruction of Russian Chemical Weapons Stockpile".

"The Disappearing Spy" (Slane).  Forty absurd or implausible or impossible British government assertions.

MI6 distraction:  "Boyfriend of Salisbury poisoning victim Yulia Skripal has not been seen for three years after vanishing following the attack, a friend claims" (Vincent) and "Mystery of Salisbury Novichok victim's vanished boyfriend amid 'honeytrap' claims" (Lines/Hughes/Aspinall).

"EU backs ICC after Netanyahu’s “anti-Semitism” smear" (Abunimah).  Unheard of for the 'Trash to leave shekels on the table!!!  They will immediately reverse for a big extra bag from Schlomo.

"Blinken blinks on human rights" (Bhadrakumar):

"Both in the case of Israel and the Saudi Crown prince, if the US is in such an acute predicament caught between a rock and the hard place, it is solely because Washington has been complicit in the human rights violations by Israel and Saudi Arabia all along. The US has so much blood on its hands that all the perfumes of Arabia cannot wipe them clean. "

Tweet (raf):

"The journalist calling for assassination of ICC investigators and judges is head of the legal desk at the religious paper owned by Israel Hayom, the most widely distributed paper in the country. 

Its editor Hagai Segal planted a bomb that blew the leg off a Palestinian mayor."

"Black School Teacher Fired For Tweeting That Hitler Kicked ‘Demonic’ Rothschild Bankers Out Of Germany".  As Christians, they left 'ass' out of the headline - it should be 'demonic ass Rothschilds'.  Wooten.   Skydive (also on Amazon, but nobody can find anything to buy there any longer due to all the censorship).  His twitter is gone.  A photo of the offending tweet (the reaction to it, around the end of January, is still findable, and contains a lot of intolerable Jewsplaining).  I believe just one Rothschild - an estranged ex-wife - is alleged to have died in that thingy (((they))) are always whining about.

"Facebook Helped Fund David Brooks’s Second Job. Nobody Told The Readers Of The New York Times." (Silverman/Mac).  Well, at least he didn't sing boy scout songs.

"‘Buttergate’: Why isn’t butter softening in Canada?" (Kestler-D'Amours).  A lot of people try to avoid eating palm oil, for health and ecological reasons.

"Mumia Abu Jamal Has Congestive Heart Failure and Is COVID-19 Positive" (Prison Radio).

Tweet (Scott Walker).

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