Thursday, March 11, 2021

Driving out the bad

You would hope that good journalism would drive out the product of the (((media))), and the (((media))) toilers seem to have a dim awareness of this, and that Substack is a threat to them:  "Journalists Start Demanding Substack Censor its Writers: to Bar Critiques of Journalists" (Greenwald). It is weird, ironic, and characteristically unthoughtful that they have chosen 'harassment' as their cudgel, a form of bullying, in order to bully Greenwald away.  I have to assume they want to gum up Substack with Twitter-style 'moderation'.  Shut it down!

What I take from this is that 'journalists' have absolutely no idea of how awful they really are - not just completely incompetent at their jobs, and utterly corrupted, but deeply destructive of society - and no awareness of the absolute contempt in which they are held.

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