Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Early Lifer

"Imperial Waste" (Robinson). 

Tweet (Shant Mesrobian):

"Has any professional sector of American society ever gained as much power and influence in such a short amount of time as the Human Resources department has in the last few years? I'd like to congratulate the "Left" on this accomplishment."

The latest jocular and kindhearted term for Khazars - no, definitely not that one - is Early Lifers, coming I suppose from the tendency of everybody, when confronted by some appalling behavior and trying to find the root cause, to immediately check the Early Life section of the entry in Wikipedia.

Speaking of which, Biden's teleprompter has both a name and a face.  See?

And speaking of appalling behavior:
  1. "Press Release: The Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) appalled that disgraced former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn invited to spread toxicity in Canada";
  2. "Opinion | For Years, We Fought Israel's Kahanists. We Lost, and Jewish Religious Extremism Has Won" (Goodman); and
  3. "‘NY Times’ erases Jewish Americans’ support for Israeli settlements" (Weiss).
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald) (but Bernie would have kept his mouth shut and voted for her, which makes him either a bigger person than she is, or a cuck):
"Democrats now launching a classic anti-Semitic conspiracy theory that it was Bernie secretly pulling the strings that resulted in Neera's defeat. 

The anti-semitic venom spewed for years by Dems at Bernie as he attempted to become the first Jewish president has been shameful."
Tweet (Arash):
"There are people who don’t see the difference between Obama/Biden and Trump. Trump’s sanctions on Iran were immoral and meant to starve people to force another nuclear deal. The Obama/Biden sanctions are rooted in a deep and sincere love for the poetry loving people of Iran."
"Western media's five stages of grief at China's poverty eradication success" (Bhakal).

"Canadian Hypocrisy Shines Embarrassingly With New Accusations of China’s Muslim Genocide" (Ehret).

"Should We Fear a German Ministry of Social Cohesion?" (Kirby).  "Germany to step up surveillance of far-right AfD: Report".

"By Following Trump's Policies Biden's 'Deterrence' Predictably Fails" (Moon).  If you really want to start WWIII, this is not a bug but a feature.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"The only difference between imperial Jabba the Hutt Mike Pompeo and Antony Blinken is rhetoric

-recognize unelected coup puppet Guaidó
-back mass-murdering sanctions
-falsely accuse China of "genocide"
-push cold war on Russia
-love apartheid Israel"
Tweet (Shant Mesrobian):
"No, but it does help poor and immigrant children who lack resources and social capital compete with wealthier children by studying and working hard. Which is why rich white people love politicians like you, who woke-wash their upper class politics."
Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"Amazon bans "Capitalism on a Ventilator," a book of essays by prominent anti-imperialists. The book surveyed the role of capitalism in exacerbating the pandemic and contrasted China's effective response with the US failure – too much for Amazon, apparently"
"Macron admits France murdered top Algerian independence figure".

The novel defense of diminished responsibility due to autism for the Toronto van of peace guy has been rejected by the court.
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