Monday, March 22, 2021

ESG investing

"A Green-Washed Global Economy – A Delusion That May Crash It" (Crooke).  "The Great Reset is Here: Follow the Money" (Engdahl).  ESG investing.  The hegemon is going out on waves of various layers of bullshit PR. It is not worth paying attention to any of it.

Tweet (Adam Tooze):

"America’s rate of incarceration is so anomalous that it practically needs a separate graph. Its truly its own regime type!"
Tweet (Human Rights Watch Watcher):
"Less than 48 hours after US-backed Saudi airstrikes pummeled the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa:"
There's also a vague 'peace proposal' from the Saudis.

Tweet (Michael Sallah):
"GRAND JURY: Federal court case shows active US grand jury investigation of Ukraine oligarch Igor Kolomoisky and others who are accused of stealing hundreds of millions from Ukraine bank and plowing the money in US real estate. @ICIJorg #FinCenfiles"
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"MSNBC host @JoyAnnReid yesterday spread disinformation far and wide by posting a 2019 photo of a crowded Miami Beach and claiming -- based on the falsehoods of another MSNBC contributor -- that's it from this week. 
(No notation yet from Twitter: don't expect one.)"
We have stairs.
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