Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Find the Fraud

"In Pakistan, Legacy of Fake CIA Vaccination Programs Leads to Vaccine Hesitancy" (Siddiqui).  This same CIA stunt keeps coming back to haunt Pakistan.  

"Western Media Blitz Aimed at Russia’s Sputnik V Vaccine May Already Be Costing Lives" (MacLeod).  "US health officials lobbied Brazil to REJECT Russian-made Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine despite 250k pandemic deaths, report confirms".  Although getting 'vaccines' in arms is supposed to be the most important thing in world history, and the only thing between misery and a partial return to normal, apparently there is still lots of room for political maneuvering and general anti-Russian fuckery.  The irony is that the Russian vaccine, a real vaccine and not some horrific experiment conducted by psychopaths, may be the safest available product.

Tweet (Ben Norton):

"The surprise twist ending Shyamalan forgot: The "moderate rebels" in Syria turned out to actually be ISIS and al-Qaeda, and the US/Turkey/Saudi/Qatar/Israel funded their mass slaughter with billions of dollars, unleashing one of modern history's largest humanitarian catastrophes"

We should never, ever forget that 'journalists' are the main information blockers in society, that is literally their job:  tweet (Michael Tracey):
"The bottom line: pressure on Substack to censor/regulate is going to escalate at an accelerating pace from this point forward, because journalists fundamentally motivated by petty jealousies and resentments are going to campaign for its destruction under the pretext of "safety""
We're going to need the full package of social media based in some eastern European dystopia where the gangsters in charge just laugh when confronted with the unhinged whining of SJWs.

Tweet (William Lafi Youmans) (Weisman, if it is the same John Weisman, is a very successful thriller writer and an (((Early Lifer))), though I oddly can't find a Wikipedia page for him):
"Can you believe this was a TV Guide cover story in 1981?"
We're getting close to the point where 'off the grid' is the only safe place to be:  tweet (Stone Age Herbalist):
"Probably the freest place on Earth is the Southeast Asian Massif, better known as Zomia. A huge area spanning 10 countries with 100 million people who live largely outside of state control in a mosaic of languages, cultures and economies. Read James C Scott"
It is funny how getting Iranian troops out of Syria is always depicted as the big way out:  "Trade-Off looming on Syria and Yemen:" (Kadi):
"According to my analysis, the deal that Moscow is most likely to suggest is a mutual withdrawal of Iran and Hezbollah from Syria on one hand, and an end of the Saudi war on Yemen. It is simple, Saudi Arabia to leave Yemen and Iran/Hezbollah to leave Syria. I believe that Lavrov has already secured the Saudi acceptance of those terms, terms that will not only end the war in Yemen, but also the return of Syria to the Arab League and a possible easing of the Western economic sanctions on Syria. Had Lavrov not secured the Saudi assurance, he would not have invited Hezbollah for talks. 

A deal of this nature can potentially end the criminal human tragedy in Yemen in a manner that will portray the Saudis as the real losers in the war, and this is where they need a face-saving trade-off in Syria. In Syria, they will be perceived as winners by securing an Iranian/Hezbollah exit. But most importantly perhaps for the Saudis, this will put an end to a very costly and humiliating war in Yemen, one which is beginning to draw criticism from some quarters of the international community, including alleged talk of America considering placing arms deal embargos on Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, if Iran and Hezbollah end their presence in Syria, many sanctions are likely to be lifted and the severe economic pressure in Syria will be eased. Such a deal will be a humanitarian win for Syria and Yemen, a strategic win for Saudi Arabia and Iran, and a diplomatic win for Russia."
This isn't very complicated, it can't possibly be a mistake, it is an example of the Bezos Post straight-up lying: "Washington Post Admits Trump’s ‘Find the Fraud’ Quote Was Fake News" (Pollak).  So we've found the fraud.

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