Sunday, March 07, 2021

Formula finally failing?

Tweets by Kevin MacDonald:

"Notice the TIME article, showing how well ensconced the ADL is in the US power structure. "Just days after President Joe Biden was sworn in to office, his national-security team urgently reached out to the Anti-Defamation League for help.  

The new Commander in Chief was launching

a government-wide effort to combat far-right extremism and wanted to hear from the nonprofit. “We expected to be contacted,” says Ryan Greer, a former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official who studies extremism at the ADL." 

Tweet (Gareth Porter):
"It's now simply deceitful to deny the power of the Israel lobby. Obama aide Ben Rhodes has recalled how members of Congress complained about AIPAC threats to shut down their fundraisers if they didn't vote right on legislation affecting Israeli interests."
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Saudi Arabia is still bombing the hell out of civilians areas in Yemen.

The Biden administration did absolutely nothing to "end" the war (that they started under Obama). It was just marketing"
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Get ready for an insane onslaught of US govt and corporate media propaganda leading up to Chile's presidential election in November, because a communist is first in the polls.

Never forget that the CIA overthrew an elected socialist in Chile, and installed a fascist dictatorship"
Tweet (Eddy McChesney):
"Maybe Andrew Cuomo got his own aides to make fake charges of sexual harassment so people forget actual charges of COVID-related genocide? I can't be the first person to think this."
Tweets (Michael Tracey):
"Evidently it's the lived experience of the NYT that the permanent national security bureaucracy did nothing to undermine Trump, and the Summer 2020 protests caused no "widespread violence" -- beliefs to that effect must be the result of "misinformation"

That NYT could include a throwaway paragraph in this article dismissing as "misinformation" perceptions of "widespread violence" caused by the 2020 riots stems from the collective media decision last year to NOT cover those events accurately and thus distort the historical record"
"Why Is Brazil Such a Basket Case?—The Role of U.S. Covert Action" (O'Brien).

"Support for David Miller grows" (Winstanley).  Is the whining/slurring/shekels formula finally failing?

Henry the K no longer has to obscure his Khazar supremacism:  "Kissinger: Biden Must Uphold Trump Administration's "Brilliant" Policy In The Middle East" (Falun Gong).  "HENRY KISSINGER: Capo Di Tutti I Capi of the Khazarian Mafia — From His Own Mouth" (State Of The Nation).

"A Pro-Israel Lawyer Is Weaponizing Public Records Law Against Palestinian Activists" (Kane).

"Indisputable facts about Israel and the International Criminal Court" (Derfner).

"Israel's military courts for Palestinians are a stain on international justice"

"Iran Asks Why Israel Gets Preferential Treatment With IAEA Despite Its Arsenal of Nukes" (Tsukanov):
"Israel’s suspected nuclear arsenal poses a threat to the Middle East and the world, and Tehran is concerned by the country’s apparent preferential treatment with the International Atomic Energy Agency despite its status as a non-signatory to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, Kazem Gharibabadi, Iran’s ambassador to international organizations in Vienna, has said. 
“Since all [countries] in the Middle East region, except the Israeli regime, are parties to the NPT and have undertaken to accept the Agency’s comprehensive safeguards, development of a clandestine nuclear weapons programme by this regime poses a continuing serious threat not only to the security and stability of the region and the world, but also to the effectiveness and efficiency of the NPT and the Agency’s safeguards regime,” Gharibabadi said, speaking at the meeting of the IAEA border of governors meeting this week. 
The diplomat suggested that despite Israel’s censure at the United Nations and the IAEA over its suspected non-proliferation violations, the country has refused to accede to the NPT, or to place its nuclear facilities and activities under the IAEA’s safeguards regime. 
“Ironically, Israel is now even enjoying a more preferential treatment as compared with that of the Nuclear Weapons States, since they are members of the NPT and have several obligations specifically under Articles 1 and VI of the Treaty,” Gharibabadi argued. The articles he mentioned relate to the non-transfer of nuclear weapons technologies, and to good-faith talks on the cessation of the nuclear arms race and disarmament. 
“It is a clear contradiction that Israel as a non-member to the NPT is enjoying the full rights and privileges due to its membership to the IAEA, while at the same time, it considers itself free from any responsibility, and participates in all deliberations of the Agency related to members of the NPT,” the diplomat said. 
It is “an irony” that the IAEA has focused its attentions on Iran and other members of the NPT while making “the chronic strategic mistake” of “overlook[ing] Israel’s nuclear materials and activities in the volatile region of the Middle East,” Gharibabadi suggested, suggesting that this “very serious shortcoming” needs to be addressed. 
Otherwise, he asked, “what is the advantage of being both a NPT member and fully implementing the Agency’s safeguards?”"
"Global Social Media In The Era Of Great Power Conflict" (South Front).

They are going to use blockchain to authenticate 'legal' copies of intellectual property: "Please do not give billionaire Jack Dorsey money for his tweet" (Peters).
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