Thursday, March 25, 2021

How are they so bad at this?

Tweet (Borzou Daragahi):

"Man who allegedly threatened to have @AgnesCallamard “taken care of” for her investigation into the abduction, torture, murder and dismemberment of Jamal Khashoggi claims he’s a human rights advocate"

"A Model for Sovereign Nations: How Muammar Gaddafi revolutionized Libya" (Titus).

"The US Continues To Smuggle Oil While Turkey Complains To Russia It Can't" (South Front).  "Western media quick to accuse Syria of 'bombing hospitals' - but when TERRORISTS really destroy Syrian hospitals, they are silent" (Bartlett).

"Boulder Attack Is Seventh High Profile Mass Shooting Where Attacker Was Known to FBI Beforehand" (Striker):

"Research produced in Trevor Aaronson’s Terror Factory shows that the FBI’s Patriot Act counter-terrorism powers have yet to foil an organic and independent (as in, not informant driven) terror plot on US soil."

Tweet (Andy Ngô):

"I'm hearing it repeated as gospel truth that "nearly all" American mass shooters are white. Here are the photos of mass shooters from 2019 (defined as four or more shot in a single incident). It shows quite a diverse set of faces. #Boulder #Atlanta"

"Not The Onion: Bill Clinton To Host Chat With Kamala Harris On "Empowering Women"" (Watson).

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