Tuesday, March 09, 2021

She seems like a nice lady.

"HUGE: Georgia Fails To Produce Chain Of Custody For 404,000 Absentee Ballots Months After Contested Election" (White) (my emphasis in red): 

"Fulton County, facing widespread criticism for various credible allegations of widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election, is one of 35 scofflaw counties in Georgia that have failed to comply with open records requests and provide the absentee ballot drop box transfer forms that they were required to maintain according to the Emergency Rule passed by the Georgia State Election Board in July of 2020, according to the report.

Nearly 300 drop boxes were utilized to collect absentee ballots in the 2020 election, authorized under Georgia Election Code Emergency Rule 183-1-14-0.8-.14 approved by the State Election Board, instead of a statute passed by the Georgia State Assembly, which says that drop box collection teams “shall complete and sign a ballot transfer form upon removing the ballots from the drop box, which shall include the date, time, location and number of ballots.”

The drop boxes were stimulated in-part by donations to Georgia counties from the Center for Tech and Civic Life, a 501 (c) (3) funded by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.

Zuckerberg donated nearly $350 million to the CTCL for their 2020 election efforts, with more than $25 million dollars going to the counties of Fulton, Gwinnett, Cobb, and DeKalb, according to the report.
I'm going to take a wild stab at it and guess that Facebook won't receive any regulation for at least the next four years.

Gab is under constant attack since it started to grow rapidly by users fed up with Twitter.  Tweet (Gab.com):
"Clubhouse is funded by @a16z the same people who funded: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. They are already discussing ways to record convos and use AI to detect “hate speech” in rooms. Imagine using this app and tying your personal info to it. Not smart!"
"In Shocking Reversal, Brazil Supreme Court Annuls Lula Carwash Conviction, Setting Stage For His Return As President" (Durden).  We're coming close to having good government over most of the continent.

Tweet (Ecuador on Q):
"On Sunday, @elcomerciocom published an op-ed by journalist 
@simonespinosa28 in which he openly called for a military coup and the arrest of presidential front-runner Andrés Arauz. Espinosa also works for the CNE, organizing the presidential debates."
"NYT Fails to Examine Its Participation in Brazil’s ‘Biggest Judicial Scandal’" (Mier).

"Official: Iraq, Oman, S. Korea to Unblock Iran’s Assets".  This is good, if real, and a peace offering, but bad if the Assholes think that it can replace Assholian adhering to the old deal.  "No Negotiation will Take Place Between Iran, US Before all Sanctions Removed: Source Tells Press TV".

"Solomon: New Declassified Texts Expose FBI's "Media Leak Strategy" Used To Influence Election, Trump Presidency".

"In Embarrassing Senior Moment, Biden Forgets What Pentagon's Called, Blanks On Secretary Of Defense Name" (Durden).  Will they ever risk holding a press conference?

Tweet (Dr. Yara Hawari د. يارا هواري):
"...on International Women's Day the Israeli police raided a women's center in the Palestinian Al Tur neighborhood in Jerusalem in order to shut down an exhibition entitled "Palestinian Heritage is My Identity" established on the occasion of this day."
"9 Signs That Chess Pieces Are Being Moved Into Place For A Major War In The Middle East" (Snyder).

"Attack of the Nihilists" (Barrett):
"Stavrogin’s situation recalls not only that of Woody Allen and other accused celebrity sex criminals, but also looks forward to the way pedophilia has become the last sexual taboo and hence the last resort for sexual blackmailers. Meyer Lansky, the mob boss who owned J. Edgar Hoover and (indirectly) almost everyone of consequence in the postwar 20th century USA, didn’t need pedophilia; he could blackmail his targets with photos of just about any non-marital liasons. But today, we are living in a world ruled by Jeffrey Epsteins and their Israeli intelligence bosses, who know too well that “it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that underage swing.” Even consensual cannibalism and incest are losing their transgressive luster. Our absurdly “sexually liberated” culture, awash in birth control pills and abortions and pornography and viagra and celebration of almost all varieties of deviance, is still ashamed of pedophilia, a century and a half after Nikolai Stavrogin. Apparently the Antichrist hasn’t quite achieved 100% control of our sex lives…at least not yet."
Pedophilia as the new normal is being forced on us as it is still an excellent method of blackmail.  "Wherefore Art Thou Ghislaine Maxwell?" (Giraldi).  Comment by Just another serf:
"Perhaps, Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell are being unfairly targeted because they are Jewish. It’s not like there hasn’t been a history over thousands of years of this kind of despicable anti-Jewish sentiment. Our Judeo-Christian legal framework allows us to conclude that both are innocent until proven guilty by a jury of the defendant’s peers. Any jury impaneled in Ghislaine’s trial should naturally be Jewish. As should the judge and all attorneys. All those reporting on the trial should be Jewish as well.

The only way Ghislaine is likely to get a fair trial, is to move the event to Tel Aviv. If convicted, she should be sentenced to serve time on a gigantic yacht, floating about various desirable spots around the world. Only then will we have justice. She seems like a nice lady."
Response by Mustapha Mond to the comment:
"“The only way Ghislaine is likely to get a fair trial, is to move the event to Tel Aviv.”

Couldn’t agree more. By having the trial in Tel Aviv, the key, most crucial witness can finally be compelled to testify: Jeffrey Epstein."
"Biden and the ‘Yellow Brick Road’" (Crooke).  Weaponizing the battle against climate change, directed at China, plus control of the domestic population through wokenness, both identity politics and its new use as a metric in finance and investing, with the plutocrats being given the job of managing the calculations required in the New Woke Order.  Slight problem in that the voters aren't interested in any of this (but when has that ever stopped the Powers That Be?).
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