Wednesday, March 03, 2021

I am fine with this

"Consultants repping Saudi, UAE interests partner with Blinken’s old firm" (Evers-Hillstrom).  That report criticizing MbS for his bonesaw work is now a profit center.  The less that is done to MbS the better looking the lobbying, and the bigger the payday.

"Biden Administers a Vaccine Shot to NATO" (Cloughley).  The people who badly need a war to justify their continued existence now have a teleprompter operator who can provide them with one.

"Escalation In The Middle East Appears Imminent" (South Front).  Comment by Gerbil:

"Most of the Street vendors in NYC, particularly in front of the Federal Buildings, are Iranian- young, fit, sharp, and observant. I have talked the the ones in front of Javits Fed on Broadway- you need to know how to hit the right buzzwords and they will show their hatred of US/Israel. They bring a 1-ton cart in front of the Fed buildings every day.  Easy to swap out 1000 pounds of schwarma for 1000 pounds of shaped-charge C4 and you have an OKC event."

Superb false-flag opportunity, but I doubt (((they))) would target a weakened Hymietown just now.

Tweet (Bryan MacDonald):

"Russia's main representative to the Council of Europe says Moscow may leave if the organization opts to take measures against the country, over Alexey Navalny, and could possibly even create its own version of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)."

A comment by Altai to the usual Sailer post on black gangsters murdering each other along with innocent bystanders:

"Also, in light of the recent mass kidnapping in Nigeria. The international pressure from abroad wrt ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ in 2014 meant that many of the girls are still missing, at least 10 were killed by an airstrike with 10s of others mutilated.

Apparently the normal course of action was just to pay the Dane Geld which is why the girls were kidnapped in the first place. And also to negociate the release of Boko Haram members. There was never an intention to keep the girls.

The only time it went so badly FUBAR was when Michelle Obama did the whole ‘Bring Back Our Girls’ bit. Meaning the Nigerian government was put into a place of having to go after the Boko Haram unit so hard (Including the aforementioned airstrike that killed at least 10 of them) they were afraid to let the girls go and no negotiations to free them for money took place as was normal practice before and after. The normal course of events was for the parents to pay for the girls release and the government to trade prisoners for them and it be over quickly.

The issues of the Nigerian government in dealing with Boko Haram and Fulani militias have many political and political-ethnic issues. But nothing Twitter instigated helped the issue, it just made it worse."

Cancellation isn't always for woke ideology, sometimes it is for shekels: "How Facebook Suppressed Kurdish Site for sake of its Business in Turkey" (Gillum/Elliott).  Sandberg always comes across as a monster.

"Biden administration 'enthusiastically embraces' IHRA antisemitism definition: Report".  I'll bet (((they))) do!

"Israel backs campaign against David Miller" (Winstanley).

"Charlie Hebdo and His Neighbours" (Gamble).  Secularism as a weapon.

More of the usual Soros stuff:  "Biden set to inflict wounds on Eurasia" (Bhadrakumar).  Every country that falls for this - the most recent being Armenia - soon discovers it is a disaster.

"Bolivia's MAS Projected to Be 'Largest Single Party' in Coming Regional Elections, Journo Explains" (Elmaazi interview of Vargas).  They haven't quite cleaned up after the coup.

"Against Big Tech's Algorithmic Cancel Culture" (Garrison).  Sorry, we 'lost' your videos.  Did they even ever exist?  Passive-aggressive post-censorship gaslighting.

"Sweden Moves To Protect Academic Freedom After Professor Quits Covid Research Due To Harassment" (Turley).  Or is the government doing this because the professor was producing results they wanted to see?

"Why privacy-busting, law-breaking GCHQ’s pledges to protect the public using artificial intelligence should raise an eyebrow" (Klarenberg).  AI lipstick on the panopticon pig.  You have to love the angle of preventing child abuse.

"America’s Domestic War on Terror: Under Domestic Terrorism Laws, Anyone Who Disagrees with the Government Can Be Considered a Terrorist" (Guzman):
"From what it looks like, Biden’s team led by the long-time Democrat warmonger Susan Rice, the former diplomat and policy advisor under Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is now the Director of the United States Domestic Policy Council with other Democrats who want to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens.  As I mentioned earlier, they will target all militias who are pro-2nd Amendment who follow the US constitution first.  
So who is on the list? What I will exclude from the list are the billionaire-funded organizations such as Black Lives Matter and others who do the bidding for the Democratic Party establishment.  However, there are many organizations and movements within the US and its colonial territories that will be on the government’s domestic terror watch list who are considered a threat to their agenda of total control over the people.  One of them will surely be the Anti-War movement who obviously want to end all US wars, which is a threat to the Military Industrial Complex.  Then there is the anti-GMO movement who fight for the right to healthy food which is another threat to the Big Food industry such as Monsanto.  Then you have Pro-life movements, a clear threat to the Democrat-supported Planned Parenthood organization.  You have the 911 Truth movement, anti-vaccination movements, various Indigenous organizations including the American-Indian movement, another big one never mentioned in the media is the Tax Protest movement which is another threat to the establishment because without the US government’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) who tax its people to death, they won’t be able to impose its American-style democracy around the world.  They will also target Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, the Libertarian Party, The Green Party, Anti-Israel and Pro-Palestinian organizations, student activists who protest for real economic and social change will also be on the list. They will eventually try to go after the Alternative Media through more censorship and other available means.  Washington will also target their ‘commonwealth’ territories including political parties who want independence from the US government including the Puerto Rico Independence Party and other political movements, the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement and the growing independence movement in the island-nation of Guam.  Then they will also go after individuals or what they call suspected “lone wolves” who don’t agree with the US government."
"ODAL-Gate: Liberal Conspiracy Theorists Are More Absurd Than Q-Anon" (Greer).  Woke stage designers not into runes.
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