Thursday, March 04, 2021

In an “elegant” manner, without leaving traces

 Fun stuff:  "Attack of the Woke Teen Career Killers" (Coulter):

"I was a mere 70 pages into Donald McNeil’s brief about his firing from The New York Times . . . "

When your own advertising agency allegedly rats you out:  "New Plot Twist in Papa John's Scandal" (Sailer).

Greenwald is just trolling now:  "Glenn Greenwald Says ‘I Consider Tucker Carlson To Be A Socialist’" (Gillespie) (Levine).  Carlson has people on with differing views and actually listens to them and engages with them, which is, in the current (((media))) climate, pretty radical.

"Russian withdrawal from Council of Europe over perceived Human Rights court bias would be a lose-lose situation for everyone" (Robinson).

Guess what?  Jagmeet Singh took the shekels.  What a useless pos he has turned out to be!

Tweet (Byron York):

"Sen Johnson asks FBI official how many firearms were confiscated from suspects arrested at Capitol riot on January 6. 'To my knowledge, none,' official answers."

Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"Oddly both the FBI Director and top FBI counter-terrorism official have now testified that they have no information to provide Senators on how/whether and under what authority they conducted generalized phone data-collection from people in and around the Capitol on Jan 6"
"Inside ‘TALON,’ the Nationwide Network of AI-Enabled Surveillance Cameras" (Cox).  As you might expect, this article almost immediately crashes and burns as it goes woke, thus losing focus on much of the bigger privacy issue.

"Bokhari: Microsoft and Friends Want to Destroy Online Privacy".

"Facebook and Google vs the Free Press" (Hill).

"Freddie Nitro Edition: there you go again" (deBoer).  Expressing a dislike of the cattiness of 'journalists' on Twitter.

Tweet (Rob DenBleyker) (Moore and his ilk never miss a chance, regardless of the context, to punch down, and seemingly aren't even aware of what they are doing):
"lotsa libs calling for genocide this week, it's so weird that Dems are struggling to get elected"
"NY Mag: David Shor’s (Updated) 2020 Autopsy and 2022 Forecast" ('Hunter Wallace').

It has been a while since I've seen an old fashioned Khazar shiksa humiliation piece:  "CBS is 'forced to pay tens of millions of dollars to actress Bobbie Phillips after its lawyers leaked details of Les Moonves' alleged sex attack on her to The New York Times'" (Fruen).

"Emboldened by Trump and Netanyahu, Jewish Settler Terrorism is Spiking" (Buxbaum).

Tweet (David Sheen):
"Israeli journalist: The International Criminal Court investigating Israel for war crimes amounts to “legal terrorism”; therefore Israel’s secret spy agency should spend the next 20 years assassinating the ICC prosecutor and judges – in an “elegant” manner, without leaving traces"
"Mediterranean oil spill is ‘eco-terrorism’ by Iran, Israel says" (Harkov).  Another alleged attack by Iran, which is interesting as there does appear to be a successful campaign of retaliation against Israel being conducted in multiple ways, mostly not admitted by the Israelis.

"The Bamiyan Buddhas: an Afghan tale" (Escobar).  Not just iconoclasm, but Sunni hatred of Shi-ites.

All right, this is getting out of hand:  tweet (BOBI WINE):
"Very pleased to speak with President @jguaido of Venezuela this evening. We discussed the way forward for both countries, and the need to build synergies for the defence of democratic principles and human rights across the globe."
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