Tuesday, March 02, 2021


I thought the woman who went off on a rant on the dangers of Substack was simply incorrect, but she appears to be stark raving mad (not to mention woke, but I repeat myself).  "Masquerading as a journalist"!

"Welsh Man Arrested, Claims He Was Strip-Searched For Going For A Walk Too Far From Home" (Watson).  There are a whole list of greentexts riffing on the idea that the Brits are personally overregulated (see here or here), but I have to say it is equally as bad in Canada or even the Land of the Free.

The Pelosi role in the Capitol larping has been kicking around for a while:  "Trump Confirms He Called For 10,000 National Guard For Jan 6th… Pelosi Refused." (Winters).  Removal of the guardians is classic conspiracy theory.

Tweet (The Horny Police).

Tweet (Jonathan Landay):

""If pursued, the new missile would cost in excess of $264 billion over its anticipated 50-year life cycle." https://armscontrol.org/act/2021-03/focus/enough-already-no-new-icbms"

Goyim, it is a small price to pay to get Putin out of Syria.  Or, you could make peace with Russia and waste the money on education, medical care and infrastructure.  There's really no choice, is there?

Tweet (Maura Moynihan) (the Pritzkers are Peak Woke):

"#Hyatt CEO, #TomPritzker, addressed in this letter, was cited in many court documents as a client of #JeffreyEpstein and his criminal abuse of girls. But he’s so woke on everything else" 

"Has Israel Been Out-foxed?" (Crooke).  What I was musing on the other day.  Israel has fought tooth and nail and cartoon against an imaginary nuclear program, which Iran couldn't use even if it existed, while Hezbollah and Iran are now loaded up with missiles and rockets that can wreck Israel whenever the time is right.  How incompetent can Bibi be?

Sailer on McNeil:
"One often overlooked aspect of this story is that McNeil is a veteran union activist who was on the team representing the workers in the upcoming negotiations with management over the next contract. So, management got to fire a long-time thorn in its side over labor issues in the name of Wokeness, perhaps sending a message to other veteran union leaders that maybe they shouldn’t try quite so hard to get on the Sulzbergers’ bad side because who knows what an inquisition might find out about something they said in the past.

Funny how that works …"
From November, but more apt by the day: "Biden Polling Well Among Pentecostals After He Speaks In Tongues" (The Babylon Bee).  Also:  "Can You Find All 17 Instances Of Racism On This Page From A Dr. Seuss Book?".
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