Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Narrative repair

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Has anyone provided an iota of evidence that what is driving this horrific surge of anti-Asian violence is "white supremacist domestic terror"?

That would require data showing who is primarily perpetrating the violence and with what motive. Where is that?" 

Ask and ye shall receive.  "One suspect in custody after 8 people killed in shootings at 3 Atlanta area spas".  "Who is Robert Aaron Long, suspect in deadly Georgia spa shootings?" (Ewing/D'Angelo). The Narrative was taking an awful beating, what with black thugs beating up and killing Asians on an almost daily basis, so this brave incel stepped into the breach to fix the problem, notwithstanding the incels' famous love of Asian women, and the fact he was railing about Chinese but had the usual Assholian vagueness/confusion about the racial identity of his victims.
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