Saturday, March 27, 2021

Oh gosh, this isn’t good

"As Tide Turns, Houthis Reject US, Saudi “Peace” Deals for the Recycled Trash They Are" (Abdulkareem).  I have yet to see the slightest hint that any real pressure is being put on MbS, other than this idea to issue a phony 'peace' proposal (while simultaneously bombing Yemen).  MbS is never going to voluntarily admit he made such a massive mistake.

"Crashing Saudi Oil Economy Explains Urgent Yemeni Peace Offer" (Cunningham):

"The real reason for trying to end the conflict is the perilous state of the Saudi oil-dependent economy. Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil, gas and petroleum industry, recently announced that its profits have slumped by nearly half in 2020 compared with the year before. Down from $88 billion to $49 billion.

Given that its oil economy provides nearly 90 per cent of state budget that is a stupendous hit on the Saudi finances. The Saudi rulers rely on hefty state subsidies to keep its 34 million population content. With income from the oil industry nosediving that means state deficits will explode to maintain public spending, or else risk social unrest from dire cutbacks."

There would be a strong argument for this were the peace offer not an insult.  MbS is not just thumbing his nose at the Houthis, he is thumbing his nose at Assholia.

"In Quest of a Multi-Polar World" (Escobar interview of Hudson):

"Why can’t the Chinese system be exported to the West? That’s a good question…. How would you make American industry able to follow the same productive path that China did? Well for one thing the biggest element in workers budget today is housing, 40 percent. There was one way to get rid of it, get rid of the high housing prices that essentially, or whatever a bank would lend. And the banks lend essentially the economic rent. There’s a very simple way to keep housing prices down. You tax the land rent, you use your tax system, not on taxing labor, that increases the cost of labor, not increasing capital, that leaves less, industrial capital, but your tax of the land and the real estate and the banks.

Well, suppose you were to lower the price of housing in America from 40 percent to 10 percent like China has, and this is the big element in the cost structure difference. Well, if all of a sudden people only had to pay 10 percent of their income for housing, then all the banks would go under because 80 percent of the bank loans are mortgage loans.

The whole idea is that the purpose of housing is to force how many buyers and renters go into debt to the banks, so that the banks end up with all of the lend rent that the landlord class used to get. This is what’s preventing America from being like China. What if America would try to develop a high-speed railroad like China?

Well, then you need the right of way. You’d need to have the railroads go in a straight line. … They need a right of way, and it doesn’t have a right of way, because that conflicts with private property and most of the right of way is a very expensive real estate.

So, you can’t have high-speed rail in the United States, like in China. Suppose you would have a low-cost education. Well then, you get rid of the whole means of siphoning off labor’s income to pay for education loans. You could go, suppose you had private healthcare, and prevent Americans from getting sick like they do in China and Thailand, where you are.

Well, then the health insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical companies wouldn’t be able to make their rent. So, you could not have America adopt a China type, industrial program without what would be really a revolution against, the legacy of the monopoly of private banking, of finance and all of the fortunes that have been built up financially really in the last 40 years since 1980."

I think Hudson is far too optimistic about Ukraine and Putin's ability to stay away from the coming provocations.  They will start a mass slaughter of Russian-speaking people living in eastern Ukraine holding Russian passports, and domestic pressure on Putin to stop this will be difficult to resist.

"U.S. Joins “Rules-Based World” on Afghanistan" (Benjamin).  This is also very optimistic, but there is a slight possibility that a deal has been made that Assholia will be permitted to end one War For The Jews in return for starting WWIII (in Ukraine).

"Nicaragua’s Indigenous People: Neocolonial Lies, Autonomous Reality" (Sefton).  "Biden admin smears Nicaragua as ‘dictatorship’ for forcing US-funded, coup-plotting NGOs to register as foreign agents" (Norton). "Nicaragua rebuffs attacks at human rights hearing" (Perry):

"A handful of local NGOs, in some cases funded by the US government and aided by US and European organizations such as California’s Oakland Institute, have weaponized the human rights of Indigenous Nicaraguans."

"Virtually No One in US Is Dangerous Enough to Justify Jail" (Mayson/Stevenson).  This is true.  The issue of recidivism while awaiting trial on another matter is what provides the red meat for those advocating leaving things as they are, or even making the system more punitive.

"URI embroiled in controversy over professor's comments about transgender individuals" (Borg):

"The sterilization of physically healthy individuals who fail to conform to society’s standards mirrors the forced sterilizations of people during the eugenics movement of the 1920s and 1930s"

Eugenics is another idea that science can identify and fix problems caused by 'mistakes' in nature.

"City Council candidate Susan Lee pushed down subway stairs in random attack" (Moore).

"Latvian FM has banned entry to Latvia for Belarusians, but something went wrong" (Vidmanas).  Don't read it, read the accurate comment by BobValdez:

"This article makes no sense whatsoever."

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