Monday, March 01, 2021

Online casino betting brand

Ha ha ha!:  "Torstar announced Monday it intends to launch an online casino betting brand in 2021" (Lorinc).  The url is funnier than the  headline.

"Flipping The Byrd: Democrats Demand The Firing Of The Senate Parliamentarian After The Minimum Wage Hike Is Deemed Out of Order" (Turley).  This decision was predicted weeks ago.  The real issue is they don't have the votes, which hides the real-real issue that they really don't want to raise the minimum wage, but want to be seen as trying.

Tweet (Aaron Maté):

"Tulsi stands virtually alone in not only criticizing but *even acknowledging* the "modern day siege of draconian embargo and sanctions" that the US is imposing on Syria, "causing death and suffering for millions... and making it impossible for the Syrian people to try rebuild.""

Tweet (Mark Ames):
"The more official Anglo media tries to convince us that Le Mesurier wasn't a spook, the spookier he looks. At least they're not pushing the "he was killed by Russian Twitter eggs" conspiracy theory quite as hard as before."
Tweet (Michael Tracey):
"I've disdained Cuomo for well over a decade but the contrived and formulaic MeToo-style takedown is a tedious ritual at this point -- engineered to scandalize elite liberals who never take action on anything unless there's a sensational identity grievance involved"
"The Great Reset and the Great Awakening: Interview with Alexander Dugin on “the Great Reset.”" (Markovics).

China has the single operating goal of increasing the human development of its population, which has a way of making politics easy:  tweets by 내조선말실력은형편없어!:
"President Xi walked right into the middle of the people and drank directly from the exact same water source everyone does. President Obama sat behind a bulletproof pane, taking a fake sip of unidentified water to trick people into accepting poisoned water. I’ll never forget that."

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