Monday, March 29, 2021

Orange juice

"The “Unvaccinated” Question" (Hopkins).  We've been put in the terrible situation of having to hope that the horrible side effects occur soon enough that they will have to withdraw the 'vaccines' before they hold us down and force vaccinate us.  Thread by Dr Naomi Wolf.  In Assholia, this will be a neat way to de-humanize the Deplorables through the 'hesitancy' caste system.  If the political classes carry on down this route, we are either going to have to replace them completely, or give up and agree to live as Dalits.

Tweet (Rev.Locke Wiggin BS,MS,PhD,ScD CashApp:$GigiKlowen):

"A mileage tax is a tax on rural living."

"‘Only my doctor knows’ - Putin refuses to reveal which of three Russian Covid-19 vaccines he received in closed-door appointment":

"Unlike other world leaders who received injections on camera to boost people’s confidence in their vaccination campaigns, Putin received his shot in private. He explained his decision, saying he didn’t want to “ape” what other leaders have been doing, adding that these photo ops are not convincing for skeptics.

“If somebody wants to falsify things and dupe people, at that level it’s not hard to do. You could show an injection, but the shot would actually be of saline fluid or anything else. Kefir [a fermented dairy drink popular in Russia] or orange juice. I’m joking, of course. But maybe some vitamins,” Putin said."

Thread by Malgorzata (Gosia) Gasperowicz on B117 in Alberta.  Almost vertical line on graph!

"On January 8th, Nancy Pelosi Made an Ominous Phone Call That Could Change Everything" (revolver). The coup call to Milley.

Some 'journalists' try to block Capitol tourists from funding their defenses, and Greenwald gets lambasted for noticing.

"EXCLUSIVE: Seattle social-justice activist charged over anti-Asian hate attacks" (Ngô/Cathell).

The “race and inclusion” editor, nailed the race part, but shaky on the inclusion.

"CNN Faces Backlash After Referring to Black Carjacking That Killed Old Pakistani Guy as “An Accident”" (Anglin).

"Congress, In Five-Hour Hearing, Demands Tech CEOs Censor The Internet Even More Aggressively: Greenwald" (I don't think Zuck is as autistic as he pretends to be):
"Zuckerberg in particular has minimal capacity to communicate the way human beings naturally do. The Facebook CEO was obviously instructed by a team of public speaking consultants that it is customary to address members of the Committee as “Congressman” or “Congresswoman.” He thus began literally every answer he gave — even in rapid back and forth questions — with that word. He just refused to move his mouth without doing that — for five hours (though, in fairness, the questioning of Zuckerberg was often absurd and unreasonable). His brain permits no discretion to deviate from his script no matter how appropriate. For every question directed to him, he paused for several seconds, had his internal algorithms search for the relevant place in the metaphorical cassette inserted in a hidden box in his back, uttered the word “Congressman” or “Congresswoman,” stopped for several more seconds to search for the next applicable spot in the spine-cassette, and then proceeded unblinkingly to recite the words slowly transmitted into his neurons. One could practically see the gears in his head painfully churning as the cassette rewound or fast-forwarded."
"Professor who refused school order on transgender student’s pronouns wins in court" (Linge).  Tweet (Kevin MacDonald):
"This is a very important ruling. I was always told by deans and our on-campus 1st Amendment "expert" that if I brought up stuff in my classes that was irrelevant to course material, I could be fired--which of course would never happen to your typical leftie editorializing on race"
I would never, ever consider 'misgendering' anybody.  I would never intentionally hurt anyone's feelings.  I would just refuse to refer to them at all.

Tweet (David Atherton):
"The reason we became the modern society is mainly down to The English Enlightenment. Beginning in c1660 philosophical & scientific ideas could be discussed publicly without sanction from government & the Church. Your computer or smartphone would not exist without free speech."
Thread by Max Blumenthal on the signatories to one of these Imperial 'open letters'.  Noam died years ago and has been replaced with an automatic open-letter signature-signing machine.  The letter is so Foggy Bottom that it is a miracle that anybody could sign it without vomiting.

Tweet (Vincent Bevins):
"Got a text from an important member of a center-left party in Latin America. He was shocked, but mostly confused. He asked: "Why would Blinken do so much damage to the reputation of the Democrats in the region? What is the strategy here? They used to hide these things.""
"Blinken’s Pièce de Théâtre Failed; Its Script Was Passé" (Crooke).

Vaccination invasion!:  tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"This whole thread is complete and total madness.

The last time US officials under a Democratic administration called for "intervention" in Brazil against the wishes of the elected government was 1964. Use Google and read about what happened."
Tweet (Madame Boukman - Justice 4 Haiti):
"Ha ha. Protesters in #Haiti at the Canadian Embassy waving a Russian flag. They are demanding the Canadian Embassy shut down to be replaced with a Russian Embassy. "Long live Russia. Canada go home.""
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Propagandists at the Washington Post (owned by history's richest oligarch, $200 billionaire Bezos) want you to think the world fears bogeyman China, but actually they fear the murderous US rogue regime, which wages nonstop war everywhere and has sanctions on 1/4 of the population"
Gab (Gersh) (also, Jeopardy):
"you gotta be shitting me lmao"
"Stop Anti-Chinese Hate, But Not Anti-China Politics?" (Levine).

"Armenian PM Pashinyan to resign ahead of fresh election as protests & constitutional crisis rage on in wake of war with Azerbaijan".  I wonder if they allow postal ballots.

"Ukraine approves strategy to “recover” Crimea, threatening all-out war with Russia" (Melanovski).  I wonder if any bookies are taking bets on how WWIII will start.

Senator Markle.

Liberated Texts.  Looks really good!
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