Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Pronouns sellout/hasbeen

"Bitcoin, Easter Island-ism, and the Cowardice of Green New Dealers" (Smith): 

"The point here is simple: calling for a ban on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is the lowest of low hanging climate change fruit. Yet the idea is nowhere to be found in the Green New Deal, which actually should come as no surprise. The Green New Deal refuses in any way to advocate for conservation, unless that “conservation” comes about via additional resource expenditure, like retrofitting buildings. Its proponents appear allergic to anything that might dimly resemble a hairshirt. They serve up the illusion that we can save the planet and keep modern civilization more or less as it is as long as we throw money at building out new “green” tech. This “no sacrifice” isn’t just wrong-headed, it’s destructive, since people who ought to know better will carry on as if no fundamental changes are needed."

"One Year to Flatten Life as we Knew it" (Slane).  One of the most obvious outrages is that they sold the lockdown on 'flattening the curve' to save the ICUs, yet once that was no longer an issue they carried on regardless, not even bothering to apologize for the lies.

"We Are Living Through a Time of Fear – Not Just of the Virus, But of Each Other" (Cook).

"Kristi Noem Mutilates Her Political Future By Blocking Ban on Transsexual Men in Women’s Sports" (Revolver):
"She might as well identify as Jeb Bush and adopt the pronouns sellout/hasbeen."
Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):
"Just look through this thread of tweets from the last 24 hours and tell me if you think American liberalism is healthy (or just tell yourself in silence but with candor):"
"Twitter Won’t Say if Dehumanizing Language About Whiteness Violates Rules" (Bokhari).  Hint:  it doesn't.

Tweet (The Babylon Bee):
"Media Now Claims Shooter Was Factually Arabic But Morally White"
"Dark New Dem Bill Uses “Counter American Intelligence” To Wage War on MAGA" (Revolver).  I remain impressed with Revolver.

"Jewish paper apologises after mocking '100,000 Palestinians shot by Israeli soldiers'".

"The Probe Into the Israeli Vaccine Policy and Its Outcome Is Beyond Damning" (Atzmon).  The comments are perplexed at trying to figure out the Khazar angle.  It feels like Masada.  Or did Bibi not give a fuck what happened, long- or short-term, as long as he could use the 'success' of vaccinating Jews as an election platform?

"Terrorists launch a deadly missile attack on Aleppo" (Sahiounie).  "The Day Impunity Was Punished In Idlib" (South Front).  It is encouraging to see an immediate response.

"Top Saudi official issued death threat against UN investigator".  This is a shame as we've lost her to corruption:
"Callamard, a French national, will be joining the human rights watchdog Amnesty International as secretary-general this month, according to the news report."
Much as I hate Modi, credit where credit is due, he seems to be seeking peace with both Pakistan and China:  "‘India desires cordial relations’: Modi in letter to Pakistan PM".

Tweet (David Sheen):
"The story of the night is the success of an unabashed Kahanist party – the most racist and most murderous movement in Israeli history – winning seats in the Israeli parliament for the first time in 33 years, thanks to support from Prime Minister Netanyahu:"
"Saudi Arabia Bombs Grain Port in Yemen" (DeCamp). I see no reason to take the Saudis seriously as advocates for any kind of peace.

"Welcome to Shocked and Awed 21st Century Geopolitics" (Escobar).  The 'Trash never disappoint in the trashy category:
"Mission (nearly) accomplished: Brussels diplomats tell me the EU Parliament is all but set to refuse to ratify the China-EU trade deal painstakingly negotiated by Merkel and Macron. The consequences will be immense."
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