Monday, March 29, 2021

Purported date of provenance

Tweet (Mike Elk):

"There is far more foreign press than national press in Alabama covering the Amazon union votes.

Media outlets overseas care more about covering the American South than our own outlets." 

"By trying to talk tough on China, Biden’s White House is pushing Beijing into an alliance with Moscow, top Russian senator claims".  It is odd when the State Department does everything it can to push for the greatest nightmare of the State Department.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Nicaragua has an election in November and concerns are growing the US may try to impose a fake "interim president" like Juan Guaidó

The US State Dep't special envoy and right-wing Central American leaders recently referred to opposition oligarch Cristiana Chamorro as "president""
Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Cops watched the driver get surrounded, be attacked, and then arrested the driver. 

The police did nothing about the Antifa members here committing multiple crimes in full view"
Tweet (Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver):
Aren’t you ahamed to tweet this when journalist #JulianAssange has spent 2 years of his life in max security prison. 
Your government has deprived the world of his vital work & him of a decade with his family and loved ones."
"Is Facebook about to crack down on criticism of Zionism?" (Ziv/Kane).

"The Covid-19 pandemic has taken thought policing and wokeness to a whole new level " (Marsden).

"Taibbi: The Death Of Humor".

"The Heiress, the Queen, and the Trillion-Dollar Tax Shelter" (Goodman):
"It wasn’t until finding the La Hougue documents that she and her husband learned the extent of its business practices. “Tanya and I basically locked ourselves in a room for four months and barely left the house until we went through all of the files,” says Stock. “We made thousands of entries into a master timeline until we finally realized this entire operation was built on lies.” According to Operation Scarlet’s police records, Dick-Stock’s father alleged that directors and staff of La Hougue were to blame for what he believed to be fraud perpetrated by the trust. But Dick-Stock and her husband say the trove of internal La Hougue documents, reviewed by Institutional Investor, proves that Dick was the beneficial owner of La Hougue and called the shots. Through his spokesman, Dick vigorously denied any wrongdoing. Multiple ongoing lawsuits in the U.S. and Jersey, which began in 2015, seek to untangle the web of what, exactly, happened and who is to blame. “La Hougue ran the family’s trusts,” says Stock. “And it drained them dry.” Dick-Stock and her father are no longer speaking. Dick, an independent director at London telecommunications company Liberty Global, now lives in Newport Beach, California. Dick-Stock’s mother, Mary Dick, who divorced John Dick in 1981, died in 1997.  
Looking back, Dick-Stock says she did see some strange things at the manor. The vault of her father’s office was not filled with cash, but with an eclectic collection of aging office equipment, labeled and dated by year. “There was a walk-in safe with a big metal door, and I remember, as a teenager, seeing all these dusty typewriters, fax machines, old pens, and old paper lined up on the shelves,” she says. “Once, I grabbed some of the old paper, and my dad nearly ripped my head off.” 

She now knows why the vault’s contents were never to be touched. According to one leaked memorandum between directors of La Hougue who worked with Dick-Stock’s father, forged documents were to be carefully prepared using printing materials and time stamps reflecting their purported date of provenance. “Remember the paper which is used, the machinery which prepared the documentation, the ink as it relates to preparing the documentation, and the signing thereof as it relates to the date,” the memorandum instructs, adding: “You will need to be careful with regard to soft and hard-copy disks, it being my view that there should be nothing apart from photocopies on your file.” Original copies were not to be retained. Both directors later admitted in a Denver court to forging dozens of backdated documents at La Hougue representing millions of dollars of fake debt. The Denver court sanctioned them for perjury, branding the violations “truly egregious.” But when the same directors attempted to present the bogus documents in a legal proceeding in Jersey, the court did not seem to hold it against them, simply excluding them from the case. According to Jersey law, attempts to commit fraud are an indictable offense.  
While these files have made headlines in media outlets around the world, including The Guardian, The Daily Beast, the Toronto StarMother Jones, and the London-based nonprofit Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Dick-Stock and her husband say they have been unable to get Jersey’s only newspaper, the Jersey Evening Post to report on it.   
“A journalist there spoke to us,” Stock says. “But they wouldn’t touch the story.”"
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