Monday, March 01, 2021

Shameless weaponizers of woke coercion

Substack is The Devil!  Yet decent, competent people are fleeing 'journalism' as all the lying is too much to bear.

"The Kinshasa Interviews: Glenn Greenwald - the interview that breaks the internet" (Soldo).  I started to read this and thought it must be a parody, but apparently it is legit.  The further you read, the saner it gets (up to a point).

Tweet (Glenn Greenwald):

"Neocons didn't just turn against Trump. They became as loyal, reverent and steadfast propagandists for the Democratic Party as they were for Dick Cheney back in the glory days of bloodshed and torture. They're also the most shameless weaponizers of woke coercion. Bizarre to watch"

You'd need a parasitologist to explain the seamless moves of the (((neocons))) from party to party.

A good source of memes is a joy forever, so I have to welcome our new tranny overclass.

(((Who))) do you think owns those lousy death-trap New York nursing homes?  The new conspiracy theory is that Cuomo is being #metooed in order to distract from the nursing home scandal (and it is working).

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