Monday, March 01, 2021

Simply not true

Tweet (Steve Herman):

""It's simply not true" notes @APDiploWriter in exchange with @StateDeptSpox of assertion by @PressSec today that US doesn't take action against leaders of countries with which it has diplomatic relations." 

"Coup-supporting academics spread lies to censor The Grayzone reporting exposing pseudo-left candidate in Ecuador" (Norton).  This is baffling.  It is a great tribute to Norton, who seems to have riled up the US State Department, but I can't figure out how it advances the Asshole cause.  And why would the signatories ruin their reputations - those who still have reputations to ruin, anyway - on a letter with such a tenuous relationship to reality?  What is this letter supposed to change?  Is the reputation of Yaku Pérez of interest to anyone?
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