Saturday, March 13, 2021

Soviet-style contortions

"Taibbi: The Sovietization Of The American Press".  The important distinction being that everybody in the Soviet Union knew they were being lied to, whereas there are still enough credulous Assholes to make it worthwhile for the (((media))) to continue to lie. Taibbi is inspired by the (((media)))'s obvious protection of Biden.

Levine's rote and rather weak response.

Of course, part of the reason for having a (((media))) is to be able to hide things:  tweet (Tom Elliott):

"Imagine if a version of the Capitol riot were happening … every night — for 8 months straight, but was somehow not being reported in the major media. That’s basically what’s been happening in Portland."

Tweet (Jack Posobiec):
"Antifa set a federal facility on fire last night with people inside it. Have you seen this headline on the news today?"
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